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The Happy Life of Nurguli Musrehong (Liu Xiaoyu) There is a cohort of happy merchants in Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar, which is called "Window of Central Asia". The merchants who settled in Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar meet different people from far and wide. They are free to design their own shops and they are living a happy life with their diligence and honesty. Nurguli Musrehong is one of them.


Since settling in the Grand Bazaar fifteen years ago, Nurguli Musrehong has made her life rich and interesting by virtue of her good business. In the beginning, Nurguli Musrehong's shop only sold dried fruits. In order to attract more customers, she added shawls, medicinal materials, jewelry and other commodities, and the business of the shop was getting better and better.


On top of this, Nurguli Musrehong's hospitality also attracted many more customers, who became her friends afterwards. In this way, she has developed both entrepreneurship and friendship, and the wonderful life of Nurguli Musrehong continues.  Editor:shijinyu