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A Picturesque Ecological Greenway in Xi'an (Liu Xiaoyu) This greenway is called the "Three Rivers and One Mountain" Greenway in Xi'an Chanba Ecological Zone, which is more than 200 kilometers long. Here, "Three Rivers" refers to Weihe River, Chanba River, and Fenghe River, and "One Mountain" refers to the Qinling Mountains. Among them, the main part of the greenway on both sides of Chanba River is 47.7 kilometers in total. The "Three Rivers and One Mountain" greenway has been opened to the public on April 30th this year and has become a large corridor showing the harmonious coexistence between man and nature in Xi'an.


Along the greenway, 103 ecological nodes and 42 cultural and historical sites are connected and 109 rest stations are built. It successfully links parks, scenic spots, landmark buildings, cultural relics, and historical sites in the ecological zone, forming an all-around ecosystem network.


There are many first-class stations along the greenway, and convenient service facilities such as parking lot, toilet, tourist service center, dining, infirmary, bicycles and coffee shop. Citizens can walk and ride on this greenway to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In leisure and play, they will be full of satisfaction in getting close to nature, and feel the unique charm of Xi'an, the ancient capital of the millennium!  Editor:shijinyu