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The "Charm of Night" of Great Tang All Day Mall (Liu Bin) Xi'an Great Tang All Day Mall went viral on the Internet, contributing phenomenal cultural IP such as "Tumbler Girl", "Stone Man" and "Dunhuang Apsaras". The related videos of "Miss Tumbler" on TikTok have been played over 2.3 billion times, making it the most popular night tour product in China.


Walking into the hustle and bustle block, there are countless characteristic shops that feature the Tang cultures on both sides, attracting a large number of tourists. Cultural elements of the prosperous Tang Dynasty can be seen everywhere along the street, from shops to lampposts and scroll-shaped benches. Public facilities are also unified in the style of the Tang Dynasty. Under the gorgeous lights at night, with graceful passers-by wearing Tang costumes, it seems to go back in time to the prosperous Tang Dynasty.


In the meantime, modern culture is introduced into the block. Different scenarios are rendered by high-tech means such as sound, light, and electricity to attract tourists. Walking on a unique "piano road" and encountering an impromptu performance, tourists get a fresh feeling and enjoy an immersive interactive experience of cultural travel.  Editor:shijinyu