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China achieves 20-meter distance kilowatt-level power transmission

China has developed a 10-meter microwave radio transmission prototype which can make 20 meters distance kilowatt-level power transmission come true, according to Science and Technology Daily on Wednesday.

The general transmission efficiency reached 25.5 percent, while the prototype passed the acceptance of the State Grid.

The long distance microwave radio energy transmission is an important auxiliary supplement of the traditional wired transmission network and can serve in conditions of limited wire transmission such as the continuous power supply of high-altitude drones, wireless sensor network charging and power supplies under special geographical conditions.

In case of natural disasters or emergency repair, microwave power transmission can be used to quickly restore power supply to disaster areas or areas without power.

The prototype was developed by the China Electric Power Research Institute which also carried out the kilowatt microwave radio power transmission experiments based on the gallium nitride diode rectifier antenna. 

Source:Xinhua  Editor:shijinyu

(Source_title:China achieves 20-meter distance kilowatt-level power transmission)