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China's securities sector sees improved operating environment: Fitch

China's securities sector has seen an improved operating environment, boosted by the country's efforts to curb risks, stabilize economic development and deepen the capital market, according to a report from Fitch Ratings.

Chinese regulators have increased their focus on compliance and risk-control standards, and imposed comprehensive regulatory risk limits to control securities firms' absolute level of market and credit risks, the report noted.

China's extended macroeconomic stability has highlighted the resilience of its economy, said Fitch, forecasting that the country's economic growth would return to moderately strong trend levels in 2022.

The investment banking operations of securities firms are expected to see increased business opportunities as China prioritizes direct financing as part of efforts to contain financial risks and ease the corporate debt burden, said the report. 

Source:Xinhua  Editor:shijinyu

(Source_title:China's securities sector sees improved operating environment: Fitch)