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Two killed as floods, landslides strike off western Indonesia

Two people were killed and two others went missing with over 3,000 people displaced as floods and landslides struck off Indonesia's western Bengkulu province, a local disaster official said on Saturday.

Torrential rains have triggered the natural disasters since Friday and the level of water submerging residential areas was expected to rise, head of data and information of provincial disaster management agency Abdul Rohman told Xinhua.

"So far, no indication suggests that the floods will recede," he said.

Precautionary measures have been taken in anticipation of more evacuees, including setting up of makeshift tents and preparation of buildings to accommodate them, Rohman said.

The floods cut off roads connecting Bengkulu with other provinces and an overflowing river submerged surrounding areas, he added.

Some other areas in Indonesia were also hit by floods triggered by heavy downpours in the vast archipelagic country.

Source:Xinhua  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:Two killed as floods, landslides strike off western Indonesia)