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2019 China Titanium Annual Conference and Titanium Industry Summit Forum & China Titanium Valley International Industry Exposition Results Conference

Description:At 3 PM on April 27th, the 2019 China Titanium Annual Conference and Titanium Industry Summit Forum and China Titanium Valley International Industry Exposition were held in Baoji.

At 3 PM on April 27th, the 2019 China Titanium Annual Conference and Titanium Industry Summit Forum and China Titanium Valley International Industry Exposition were held in Baoji. The director of the CPC Baoji Municipal Party Committee, the director of the Municipal Government Information Office, and Li Gang, deputy director of the propaganda Department of the current Titanium Exposition Organizing Committee, presided over the meeting. The deputy secretary-general of Baoji City People's Government and director of the office of the current Titanium Exposition Committee, Zhang Xuanhui, released various results achieved by the current Titanium Exposition.


Zhang Xuanhui said that this year's Titanium Exposition invited leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, leaders of Shaanxi Province and relevant departments and offices, and leaders of friendly cities, as well as  academicians, experts and scholars, Titanium and application enterprises more than 700 important merchants, news media reporters and other people. It was organized and held by 10 key activities such as the annual conference of Chinese Titanium Zirconium Hafnium, the academician conference, the summit forum, the project promotion contract, the Exposition, and the visit and inspection. This year's Titanium Exposition and its forum have brought together leading industry enterprises, academicians, experts and scholars in the Titanium and rare metals industries and many other first-class resources, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on key issues and difficulties such as the dynamics of the Titanium industry and its development prospects. Such as the details of the future development of the Titanium industry Baoji, clearing up the future development of ideas.

He pointed out that this year's Titanium Exposition focused on the development achievements of Baoji·China in recent years, demonstrated the efforts of Baoji ‘s "Four Cities" construction, and also showed the attitude of Baoji people's civilization to open up and go out. The publicity and promotion of Baoji have enhanced the influence and reputation of it, laying a good foundation for consolidating the national strategic position of Baoji·China.

It is reported that at the project promotion and signing conference held on the morning of April 26th, a total of 12 agreements on investment and procurement contracts related to the Titanium industry were reached, with a total amount of RMB 6.6 billion, of which 8 projects were signed by the conference with a total investment of RMB 3.8 billion. The project negotiations and promotion activities are pragmatic and efficient, which has greatly promoted Baoji's investment promotion work.

This year's Titanium Exposition has actively established a platform for exchanges and cooperation between academics and applications, industries and regions, and enterprises and research institutes. It has attracted more than 150 international and domestic Titanium enterprises to Baoji and demonstrated many new products and cutting-edge technologies. Through face-to-face exchanges and communication, it has broadened the scope of cooperation, enriched the connotation of cooperation and further deepened cooperation and exchanges.  (Ma Aiping  Qiang Yifei)

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