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5 officials under investigation following fatal mine accident

Five officials are under investigation after a deadly mine accident killed 22 people in northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, authorities said Wednesday.

The officials allegedly "seriously violated laws and regulations," according to the disciplinary authorities of Xilingol League.

The accident occurred on Feb. 23 when a shuttle vehicle lost control and crashed into the side of a tunnel in a lead, zinc and silver mine under Yinman Mining Company in Xilingol League's West Ujimqin Banner.

A preliminary investigation showed the vehicle involved in the accident was illegally purchased online and was overloaded.

The investigation team announced Tuesday that the company illegally bought the vehicle online, suggesting it did not undergo safety checks, and the company used the vehicle, which was meant for ground transport, underground instead.

The vehicle was designed to carry 30 people at most, but it was overloaded with 50 people when the accident occurred.

Ten suspects have been detained.

Inner Mongolia has sent 12 work teams to different mining companies across the region for safety checks.

Source:Xinhua  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:5 officials under investigation following fatal mine accident)