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When lanterns light up Shanghai

People throng to Yu Garden in Shanghai for a lantern show during Lunar New Year. Last year's show in the garden attracted more than 5 million visitors. [PHOTO/GAO ERQIANG/CHINA DAILY]

This year, the festival focuses on the growth and achievements of the city.

This year's lantern show at Yu Garden, one of the most renowned tourist sites in Shanghai, has a theme that revolves around family, city and country.

Featuring 31 large decorative lanterns and thousands of lamps, the event will run for 33 days through Feb 22. Last year's show attracted more than 5 million visitors.

"Family, city and country are three major topics for the lantern show," says Xu Chong, executive manager of the branding and marketing department for Yuyuan Inc.

"Many lanterns are designed to be cute and stylish or decorated like cartoon characters to draw the younger generation to the traditional show."

Source:China Daily  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:When lanterns light up Shanghai)