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Croatia, China brace for stronger cultural, tourism ties

The first ever "Happy Spring Festival" performance in the Croatian town Varazdin on Tuesday marked the beginning of a year of cultural and tourism cooperation between China and Croatia.

Chinese Ambassador to Croatia Hu Zhaoming said that 2019 is a special year for China and Croatia. "Croatia is going to host the 16+1 summit in April ... and this is also the year of cultural and tourism cooperation between two countries," Hu told reporters before the performance of Hinggan Primitive Music Ensemble in the Croatian National Theatre in Varazdin.

Before the performance, the Chinese Ambassador awarded the former Croatian president Stjepan Mesic for his contribution to cultural exchanges between two countries.

Mesic said that the Belt and Road Initiative had opened the collaboration between all the countries along the route. "We expect that Chinese investments through that initiative will be very interesting to Croatian entrepreneurs and citizens," Mesic said.

Varazdin major Ivan Cehok told reporters that he is very proud that the Chinese embassy decided to kick off the Chinese New Year here in Varazdin. It proves, he said, not only good relations between Croatian and Chinese citizens but Varazdin and China as well.

Source:Xinhua  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:Croatia, China brace for stronger cultural, tourism ties)