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Performers prepare for the year's biggest show


A group of children dancers will perform at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala after rounds of competitions on the program, Woyaoshang Chunwan. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Two people held the woman's feet and threw her in the air. After she completed two descending spins, the duo caught her.

With one stunt after another, the 62 cheerleaders wowed the audience with the performance that lasted just under three minutes.

They also impressed the judges on the program Woyaoshang Chunwan ("I want to perform at the Spring Festival Gala") and won the chance to perform on the world's most-watched entertainment program, the China Central Television Spring Festival Gala. This year's show will air on Feb 4 and is expected to be watched by millions both in China and abroad.

The Spring Festival Gala hosted by CCTV was first held in 1983 and has become a tradition for Chinese people celebrating Lunar New Year's Eve.

The gala features a variety show that includes cross-talk, magic shows, singing, dancing and traditional Chinese operas.

Woyaoshang Chunwan was established in September 2010 to open the Spring Festival Gala stage to the public, allowing China's undiscovered talent to participate. The chance to earn a spot in the gala for the Year of the Pig began on Nov 17.

After 10 episodes, 24 performances were selected to compete in the final, with acts that include crosstalk, acrobatics and dancing.

The last episode of the show aired on Jan 26, revealing the final nine teams that won their place on the gala.

Among them is the cheerleading team, who are all students from the school of physical education and healthcare at East China Normal University in Shanghai.

Source:China Daily  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:Performers prepare for the year's biggest show)