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Tianjin files cases over 92 health product companies

North China's Tianjin Municipality has filed cases over 92 health product companies and dispatched over 10,000 officers to investigate the irregularities in the city's health product market since Jan. 2.

Until now, the city has investigated 11,195 health product companies and filed cases over 92 companies for suspected false advertising and other irregularities, with 14 companies banned from the market and two companies transferred to the city's public security bureau. Their illegal health products have also been seized.

The city has also organized relevant activities to expose the illegal practices of the companies under investigation.

The ongoing campaign began on Jan. 2 and will last to March 31, following an investigation over Quanjian, a local health product company for pyramid scheme selling and false advertising.

Source:Xinhua  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:Tianjin files cases over 92 health product companies)