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South Beijing to build multi-line metro station with airport check-in

The Lize Financial Business District in southwestern Beijing will have a transfer station for five metro lines along with an airport check-in terminal for the capital's new airport, according to the construction plan.

The five metro lines include Lines 11, 14, and 16, the new airport express line, and a direct transit line between Lize and Jinrongjie (Financial Street) - a major financial center in central Beijing. This station would make Lize a transportation hub to all four directions.

According to a draft announcement made by the Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., the airport check-in terminal building in Lize will cover an area of 4.1 acres and be built with easy access to five metro lines. After its completion, passengers can finish all the check-in procedures for their flights in town and reach the airport via the new airport express line.

Currently, Lines 14, 16, and the new airport express line are under construction, while the other two are still in the pipeline. When the direct line between Jinrongjie and Lize finishes, passengers from Jinrongjie will need around 30 minutes to reach the new airport.

Previous reports said that the north end of the new airport line and the urban terminal were originally planned at Caoqiao, but they were then moved northward to Lize to improve travel efficiency.

The 3.5-kilometer northward extension project is expected to finish construction in 2021, according to an earlier announcement from the Beijing Municipal Construction Group.

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources and the Fengtai district government said they will gather design ideas from around the globe for the Lize terminal building and its surrounding areas due to its huge size and commuter volume.  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:South Beijing to build multi-line metro station with airport check-in)