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China’s reform and opening-up efforts serve as a model on international exchange

Photo via Xinhua

China’s reform and opening-up efforts serve as a model on international exchange and cooperation, foreign diplomats and experts commented after President Xi Jinping’s speech on reform and opening-up 40th anniversary.

Addressing the grand gathering in Beijing on Dec. 18, President Xi said that 40 years of practicing the reform and opening-up policy has provided successful experiences and a bright future for the vast number of developing countries to seek modernization.

Petra Wassner, the CEO of NRW.INVEST, a group that promotes foreign investment in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, called China’s development unprecedented. Having visited the country for 20 years, Wassner said she has experienced something new every visit, adding that more and more German companies are seeking cooperation with China for common development.

China has also provided lessons for African countries to achieve political stability and economic development and has helped many African countries gradually embark on the path of industrialization, commented an official with the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation.

President Xi also vowed to further promote the Belt and Road Initiative and build a new cooperation platform with the international community to boost common development.

The proposed initiative is not only related to China itself, but also closely related to the development of countries and regions along the route, observed Ronnie Lins, director of the China-Brazil Center for Research and Business.

Lins commented that China is at a high level in the world of innovation in biotechnology and artificial intelligence (#AI) and is constantly exploring international cooperation. By strengthening international cooperation in various fields, China is on the path to bringing greater benefits to all mankind.

According to Pierre Picard, a China expert at the University of Paris VIII, said that as the world’s second largest economy, China has established a model for exchanges and cooperation between developing countries and has become an example of human civilization exchanges and mutual learning.

Source:People's Daily Online  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:China’s reform and opening-up efforts serve as a model on international exchange: foreign diplomats and experts)