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Blue partnership


China's research icebreaker Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, sails across westerlies on Nov 21, 2018. [Photo/Xinhua]

蓝色伙伴关系(lánsè huǒbàn guānxì)

A signed article by President Xi Jinping was recently published in Portuguese media, in which he encouraged the two countries to enhance their cooperation in marine research, ocean development and protection, port logistics and other areas, in order to further develop the blue economy and their blue partnership.

President Xi has paid great attention to forging a blue partnership with Portugal. In November 2017, China and Portugal signed a document on establishing a blue partnership and a joint action plan for their marine economy cooperation. Portugal thus became the first European country to officially establish a blue partnership with China.

President Xi also expressed the hope that China and Portugal can build a partnership of common development. Portugal lies at an important intersection of the land and maritime silk roads, and the two countries should seize the opportunities provided by the Belt and Road Initiative to expand and strengthen their cooperation.

It is expected the Sino-Portuguese relationship in the new era will have a brilliant future driven by the joint efforts of both countries, which will not only bring more well-being to people in the two countries, but also make more contribution to building a community with shared future for mankind.

Source:China Daily  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:蓝色伙伴关系(lánsè huǒbàn guānxì): Blue partnership)