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Research finds young employees more willing to relocate for new jobs

A research finds that Chinese younger employees are migrating across cities more often than their predecessors to pursue their dream jobs, the China Daily reported on Thursday.

Those born in the 1990s move to another city for a job after 1.4 years on average, compared with 3.32 years among those born in the 1970s and 2.49 years among people born in the 1980s, the newspaper quoted a survey launched by professional online networking site LinkedIn.

Among those born in or after 1995, who have left college for only more than a year, the duration is 0.84 years.

The research is based on the public information of 11,700 of LinkedIn's members as of the end of October. The survey included those who had worked in more than one city, including 1,000 people born in or after 1995, 4,800 born in the 1990s, 4,000 born in the 1980s and 900 born in the 1970s.

"Those born in the 1990s have stronger self-awareness, and show sensibility and courage in career and life planning. Corporate management should try to understand their characteristics and needs in an open and inclusive way, and take measures to attract and train them," the newspaper quoted Chen Mei, senior manager of content marketing of LinkedLn China, as saying.

Source:Xinhua  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:Research finds young employees more willing to relocate for new jobs)