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German auto manufacturer, reborn in China, shows of new models and seeks out its roots

Car manufacturer Borgward Group and Bosnia and Herzegovina's embassy to China have launched the Belt and Road Initiative Ambassador Tour, with the goal of strengthening economic and cultural exchanges between China and European countries, and promoting the vehicles around the world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Ambassador Anton Rill, 15 teammates and industry media representatives drove six Borgward SUVs on the tour, starting from Beijing on Oct 10.

The 32-day tour is passing through 12 countries, including Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina before ending in Germany. The route runs through many countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and echoes China's Belt and Road Initiative, proposed in 2013.

Owing to the trust of Rill, who believes in the high quality of Borgward, the BX7 and BX5 models were selected the official vehicles of the tour.

All Borgward vehicles are equipped to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, including four-wheel drive, the ability to make emergency calls and 16 electronic security configurations.

Borgward gives top priority to the guarantee of safety, an important feature when traversing the deserts in Mongolia or the twisting mountain roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Borgward hopes to promote economic and cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe through its brand influence, the company said.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up and the fifth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Li Yunyan, executive chairman and secretary-general of the Belt and Road Ambassadors Forum, said at the launching ceremony at the end of September: "During this time, China's enterprises have expanded businesses worldwide through their ability and competitive price and achieved win-win outcomes, such as the Borgward Group."

Jason Yang, president of the carmaker, said, "Borgward is lucky to be able to grow in a global environment. The tour is also an event which reflects the international trend and is an active response to the national policies of our country.

"The tour will provide a large stage for Borgward to exhibit its good quality and prove that China is upgrading from a manufacturer of quantity to the manufacturer of quality," he said.

In addition, the tour has special meaning for the carmaker because it is also the journey searching for the roots of Borgward.

The last stop of the tour-Bremen in Germany-is the birthplace of the brand, which was founded by Carl Borgward, a German engineer, in 1919. After being absent from the automobile industry for decades, it was revived in China three years ago.

The company hopes to explore the origins of the brand on the journey.

Source:China Daily  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:German auto manufacturer, reborn in China, shows of new models and seeks out its roots)