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Port city embarks on 13th World Ocean Week

In hosting its 13th edition of World Ocean Week, the port city of Xiamen in East China's Fujian province has put its stamp on becoming an international platform for the marine economy especially in terms of the Belt and Road Initiative, according to senior officials.

Fujian is a very important province for China's marine economy and it is also the core region for the development of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, and it should continue to lead the development of marine economy, Zhong Sheng, deputy director general of Fujian Provincial Bureau of Ocean and Fisheries, told the opening ceremony of the 2018 Xiamen International Ocean Forum on Nov 2.

In 2017, the marine GDP of Fujian province was 917.8 billion yuan ($133.19 billion), which represented a 14.7 percent year-on-year growth, according to Zhong.

He said the strength of Fujian's marine economy, the innovation capability of its marine science and technology and the construction of a marine ecological civilization have all improved in recent years.

Fujian will accelerate the transformation of its marine resources into economic advantages and establish the ocean as a new pilot zone for high quality development, Zhong said.

Lin Huaiyuan, director general of the Ocean and Fisheries Bureau of Xiamen, told the forum that by hosting the World Ocean Week in Xiamen, they are further implementing the central government's Belt and Road Initiative and facilitating cooperation among B&R countries.

"At this year's ocean week, we are paying more attention to the negotiations among related industries as well as cooperation on projects," Lin said, adding that aside from what they had in previous editions of ocean week, this year they have industry matching meetings.

"We are actively introducing our scientific research results in marine fisheries, as well as our large enterprises of the marine industry to government officials and industrial experts from other countries who came to Xiamen to attend ocean week, in order to promote cooperation and the conversion of scientific results."

Lin said that compared to other developing B&R countries, China has a certain advantage in its traditional marine industry, including fishing and marine farming technology. This allows it to help other B&R countries in developing their own fishing and marine farming industries.

Many B&R countries have diversified marine resources which are waiting to be explored, and China has a vast market with rising demand, so these countries can export their marine products to China, in which Lin said Xiamen can play a crucial role as a distribution center.

China can provide technology and talents to B&R countries to help them in terms of exploring and protecting their marine resources, Lin said. "By doing so, our marine industry enterprises can continue to go global, while foreign marine products and projects will be continuously introduced into the Chinese market."

(China Daily 11/05/2018 page17)  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:Port city embarks on 13th World Ocean Week)