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China-Europe express railway hits 1,000 journeys


An express railway loaded with equipment, costumes and auto parts departed to Latvia in northern Europe on the afternoon of Oct. 30, marking the 1030th express rail journey originating from Xi’an this year, reported on Oct. 31.

The new route connecting Xi’an and Riga, capital of Latvia, which was opened on Oct. 30, is the 11th express line to connect China with Europe. These 11 express railways have been the major source of supplies in Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

By Oct. 30 this year, goods transported on the China-Europe express railway departing from Xi’an reached over 1 million tons, worth $1.5 billion, seeing a 4.5-fold rise in weight over the same period and an eight-fold growth in value when compared with the previous year.

Located in northwestern China, Xi’an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and a key city along the route of the Belt and Road. It is making efforts to enhance greater connectivity with neighboring regions and countries, with the geographical advantage as a logistics center in western China.  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:China-Europe express railway hits 1,000 journeys)