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Park of Beijing Expo 2019 in final stage of construction

The park of Beijing Expo 2019 has entered the final stage of construction, according to a press conference held by the Information Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government on Oct. 10 to mark the 200-day countdown to the event.

The main buildings of Beijing Expo 2019 are the China Pavilion, the International Pavilion, the Life Experience Pavilion, the Botany Pavilion and the Performing Arts Center, each demonstrating an inventive architectural design.

The China Pavilion has the appearance of a jade ruyi – an S-shaped traditional Chinese ornament – which stretches gently among the verdant hills and the green waters.

The International Pavilion resembles a sea of steel-structured flowers, with 94 "flower umbrellas" clustered densely together. At night, when its lights are switched on, the umbrellas present a dramatic interaction of colors.

The Botany Pavilion, designed like "a piece of elevated green land," will give visitors a view to more than 600 precious plants such as mangroves, boreal rainforests and palm trees, creating an aura of a "plant kingdom."

At the commanding heights of the Garden, the Yongning Pavilion is an observation platform where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the major landscapes including the Haituo Mountain, the China Pavilion and the Tiantian Mountain.

Currently, 94 percent of the construction work of the China Pavilion and 95 percent of the steel structures in the International Pavilion are completed, 50 percent of the large trees have been planted in the greenhouse of the Botany Pavilion. The main project of the Yongning Pavilion has also been completed.

Construction is in full swing for the provincial and municipal gardens in the Chinese Horticulture Exhibition Area. All of the 51 outdoor exhibition parks of the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 17 domestic enterprises are under construction.

The press conference also introduced the ticketing policy for Beijing Expo 2019. There are four types of tickets, namely weekday tickets, holiday tickets, three-time tickets (any 3 days except for the holidays) and full tickets. The price of an ordinary ticket on weekdays is 120 yuan (US$17.32), 160 yuan on designated days while three tickets cost 300 yuan and full tickets are 500 yuan each.

In order to guarantee the quality of tours in the park, the ticket office advises visitors to book their tickets prior to their arrival. Individual and group visitors should make reservations designating the date of visit online, and enter the park by scanning their ID cards.  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:Park of Beijing Expo 2019 in final stage of construction)