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E- businesses sign agreement for better online environment

Ten e-commerce enterprises in China, including Alibaba and JD, signed an agreement on Wednesday to be honest in their business dealings, protect customers' information and help build a safe online environment.

The agreement, initiated by the China Federation of Internet Societies under the country's Cyberspace Administration, requires the enterprises to strictly review the quality of online goods, fight against false advertisements and protect the safety of consumers' data.

Representatives of the enterprises promised that they would neither sell counterfeits nor mislead consumers by fake introduction of online goods. They also said they would not lure, cheat or threaten consumers to change their feedback after the online purchases.

Consumers' privacy must not be illegally used and their information must not be shared, they said.

"The move also will be extended to our online shoppers," the representatives said, hoping the sellers jointly highlight the importance of being honest in businesses.

Source:China Daily  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:E- businesses sign agreement for better online environment)