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2018 World Basketball Summit: A Big Basketball Gathering in International Basketball World to Explore the Future of Basketball in the World

Description:the first FIBA WorldBasketball summit was officially opened inXi'an,China.At this historic summit, participants made a series of inspiring speeches andpassionate round-table dialogues. Let's see the wonderful moment.

In October 3rd, the first FIBA WorldBasketball summit was officially opened inXi'an,China.At this historic summit, participants made a series of inspiring speeches andpassionate round-table dialogues. Let's see the wonderful moment.


International Basketball FederationSecretary-General, International Olympic Committee member Patrick Baumannintroduced the key factors for the success of the National BasketballAssociation at the opening ceremony. He also stressed that as a member of thebasketball world, all stakeholders must work together to achieve the mainmission of the International Basketball Federation - the development ofbasketball.


Craig Zanon, Nike's global general manager,points out that basketball brings strength to people in their daily lives,which he believes is immeasurable.


Cao Weidong, secretary and President ofBeijing Sports University, explained that there are unlimited opportunities fortransnational sports cooperation inChina. At the same time, he thinksthat we should make full use of the rapidly developing Chinese sports market.


Burton Shipley, chairman ofOceaniaand Coordinating Committee for the 2019 FIBAWorld Cup, explains why the upcoming World Cup is unique, and introduces aseries of exciting activities that will take place around this World Cup.


NBA Vice President and Chief OperatingOfficer Mark Tatum explained the importance of NBA as the world's largestBasketball League in the development of global basketball.


Casey Wasserman, president of theOrganizing Committee of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics and Paralympics, believesthatLos Angeles, the second largest city in theUnited States, is a truebasketballMeccaand will provide the highest platform for the 2028 Olympic Games. He alsohighlighted the limitless potential of 3X3 basketball, which will become theofficial event of the Olympic Games for the first time inTokyoin 2020. In addition, Wasserman saidthat if he had to choose one of all the sports today, then he must choosebasketball, because basketball is one of the most beneficial sports in today'ssociety.


The League Plate Round Table Dialogue,composed of the National Basketball Federations of Russia (Andrei Kirilenko),thePhilippines(Alfredo Panlilio)andFinland(Antti Zitting), emphasized that the major basketball leagues were importantdrivers of basketball. Mr Panlilio also said that children between the ages of8 and 12 were the most attracted to basketball. Mr. Panlilio pointed out that3X3 basketball and women's basketball would be the focus of the futuredevelopment of the Philippine Basketball Association.


The brand round table dialogue, composed ofCAA Sports China Chairman, Ling Shi Dynamics CEO Gao Xiang, Jing Tian GroupVice General Manager Chen Mengjia and Motorcycle Group Chief Executive OfficerKiyo Tamiaki, discussed the enormous power and influence of sports.


China Plate Round Table Dialogue, composedof Wang Xuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Basketball ManagementCenter of the State Sports General Administration, Wang Yi, Secretary of theParty Committee of Shandong Institute of Physical Education, President of theNational Basketball Institute, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese BasketballAssociation and General Manager of the Anhui Wenyi Basketball Club (NBLLeague), Gong Luming, emphasizes the important value that internationalexperience brings to the country. 


The League and Club Plate Round TableDialogue, composed of Zhu Fangyu, general manager of Guangdong Hongyuan SouthChina Tiger Club, and Thomas Van Den Spiegel, president of the EuropeanBasketball League, discussed the co-existence and good balance between the cluband the national team.


Mr. Casey Wasserman, chairman and CEO ofWorthaman Group and chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 2028Los AngelesOlympic and Paralympic Games in theUnited States,delivered a keynote speech on the theme "The role of basketball in lifeand business in this rapidly changing world".


In the opening keynote speech on the 4th,FIBA Secretary-General, IOC member Patrick Baumann, NBA President Adam Silverand China Basketball Association Chairman Yao Ming discussed the future andopportunities of basketball.

Baumann pointed out that when internationalcompetitions, not only to participate in the existing fans, but also to attractnew fans a great opportunity.


Silver also said that basketball is thefastest growing sport in the world today, and the national team's matches caninspire a country's unprecedented unity. In addition, he stressed that the 2019FIBA World Cup is undoubtedly the highest platform for internationalcompetitions. When asked about the CBA's or other leagues' views on thepotential competitive threat to the NBA in the future, Silver said that hewould welcome such competition as long as it was conducive to the developmentof basketball globally, and hoped that more stakeholders would participate inthe future to achieve common growth and prosperity.


Yao Ming emphasized the supreme sense ofmission ofChina'snational team players, their desire to bring honor to the country, but alsobecause of the proud representation of the country, this is his experience frommany years of national team.


At the summit, Ms. Chen Juhong, vice presidentof Tencent, a coalition partner of the international basketball team, explainedthat linking more partners is the key to the success of the media.


A media panel round table consisting ofAlex Rice, vice president of PERFORM Group, and Sheng Yi, vice president ofFour Generations Times Media Limited, discussed new ways to promote sports andentertainment consumption.


Former NBA player, two-time NBA All-Starplayer, 2004AthensOlympic bronze medalist StephonMarbury and everyone deeply shared his life from theUnited StatestoChina,from on-court to off-court.


Philippe Blatter, chairman and CEO ofYingfang Global and vice chairman and President of Wanda Sports Group, explainedthat ideals are important, but more precious is being able to ensure that whatyou want is achieved.


Social Plate Round Table Dialogue, composedof UNESCO sports policy expert Ms Caroline Baxter Tresise, International PeaceAthletes General Manager Karen Dobley, and International Basketball FederationFoundation Director Florian Wanninger, discussed that basketball is not anational boundary and that sports can be used more effectively. Change yourlife well.


Ms. Ms Raelin Marie D'Alie, the three-to-threeworld champion (Italy) of 2018, introduced how 3x3 basketball was transformedfrom a strange sport into a big family of basketball players.


Former Nike Director of Global BasketballMarket and former Nike Hall of Fame member Mr Vlad Constantinescu discussed theimpact of the International Basketball Federation 3x3 game. And it’s potentialfor development in the future.


The charm of basketball is obvious to all. Thecultures of different countries are harmonious but different. The distinguishedguests of different countries unite and make progress in exchange and mutuallearning. The 2018 World Basketball Summit is not only an important gatheringof the international basketball industry, but also a new starting point for thefuture basketball industry. Gathering the strength of the world and build thefuture of basketball together!

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