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Spain in unique bid to promote olive oil tourism


Spanish olive oil [Photo provided to China Daily]

An "Olive Oil World Tour" starts on Sept 20 in Beijing, and aims to attract more Chinese tourists to join the tour in the next three years.

Held by The Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional and supported by the European Union, the event is being launched in large cities in Aisa, Europe, and America with the theme of "Let's Make a Tastier World".

Accodring to Teresa Perez, manager of The Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional, they will build an olive oil center in Shanghai, where tourists and citizens can have a full multi-sensory experience about olive oil.

"This event will present olive oil to the world on an unprecedented scale," says Perez.

In 2017, 80 percent of China's olive oil was imported from Spain.  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:Spain in unique bid to promote olive oil tourism)