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Houston holds career seminar to help Chinese find jobs

The most important thing for Chinese people who want to find a job in the United States is to build relationships through networking, a U.S. speaker said at a career development seminar Saturday.

Jakie Younger, the executive director at Brookdale Kingwood, a senior living community in Houston suburban areas, said that Chinese people should be brave enough to reach out to professionals of the mainstream communities. And people can share connections with each other.

"It's about not just who you know but who knows you," said Younger at the seminar, who was invited by Chinese Association of Professionals in Science and Technology (CAPST). "The power of networking is just huge. That personal network is key for success."

But for people to shy to build network in an event, Younger suggested them to talk to those who also look uncomfortable in this situation.

"I promise you in virtually every setting there is someone that is feeling just like you are," Younger said. "Because at the end of the day we're all people. We have the same fears. We have the same anxiety and the same uncertainties."

Younger added that Chinese people should develop the right mindset, allowing themselves to believe something positive will happen.

"Our belief is where most of our stress happens in life," Younger said. "So you can make yourself a whole lot happier if you allow."

David Li, the president of CAPST, said that the association held this event to help Chinese people understand the cultural difference and better integrate into American mainstream society. He also hoped that Chinese people could get jobs more easily.

Established in 1992, CAPST now has more than 900 members. This non-political and non-profit association serves to promote information exchange and academic discussion between Chinese and American technology experts, promote the cultural exchange and economic development between two countries and provide professional career development guidance for members.

Source:Xinhua  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:Houston holds career seminar to help Chinese find jobs)