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China's cultural relic exhibition kicks off in Saudi Arabia

An exhibition featuring Chinese civilization opened on Wednesday at the National Museum in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh, marking one of the largest cultural relic exhibitions hosted by China in the kingdom.

The exhibition "Treasures of China" includes 264 items provided by 13 museums and cultural institutions, such as the Palace Museum, among which 173 are Chinese cultural relics, including the globally known Terra-Cotta Warriors. Close to half the items have never been showcased outside China before.

Jointly hosted by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China (SACH) and Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, the exhibition also displayed the objects from Chinese-Saudi joint archaeological excavations at the ruins of al Sereen site.

The joint project has provided valuable physical references for archaeological research involved with the Maritime Silk Road and testified close encounters between China and the Red Sea area in ancient times, according to Hu Bing, deputy administrator of SACH.

The display consists of five sections in chronological order, starting with "Beginning of Civilization, Establishments of Etiquette," "the Unification, Consolidation and Development," "Prosperities and Diversified Communication," "Start-up of Business and Marine Trade," and "Palace and Royal Art."

The exhibition, which lasts until Nov. 23, aims to introduce the development of Chinese civilization, as well as showcase social life, culture and the arts of the country over thousands of years.

"We hope the exhibition can be a beautiful experience and memory of Saudi viewers and inspire them to come to the distant nation of China," Hu said.

Source:Xinhua  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:China's cultural relic exhibition kicks off in Saudi Arabia)