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Captain plays role in Silk Road success story(3)


Gu uses his binoculars to survey the water on the journey from China to Europe.[Photo by Jiang Chenglong/China Daily]

Gu said he felt guilty for neglecting his parents and wife. "Years ago, my father was diagnosed with cancer and need a great deal of care. But in the following months I returned to work on the ship," he said. "I had no choice because that's my job, after all, and I need to make money.

"But I was wondering if my dad would go during my time at sea. Although he passed away a year later, when I was at home, I still felt ashamed.

"My wife has sometimes complained that I don't stay home for long, but she understands me. Being a seaman's wife requires a strong will and independence to take good care of the home."

However, Gu said he had never regretted being a seaman, as the job has given him a strong sense of achievement.

"Every time I safely deliver all the cargo on the ship means I don't fall short of others' expectations," he said.

Gu said Chinese seamen are warmly welcomed in other countries because of the rapid development of China and the maritime Silk Road.

"Our good Chinese characteristics of business credibility and hard work will be spread further along the maritime Silk Road to the rest of world," he said. "And I truly believe China and all other countries can cooperate and share a victory along the maritime Silk Road."

Source:China Daily  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:Captain plays role in Silk Road success story)