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3 family planning-related departments closed

The National Health Commission has shut down three family planning departments, replacing them a new one responsible for population monitoring and family development, as per the latest plan of internal restructuring announced by the commission on Monday.


A couple both born after 1990 hold their children, an infant daughter and her 18-month-old elder brother, in Shenyang, Liaoning province, on Jan 3, 2016. [Photo by Lihao/For China Daily]

The new department is responsible for putting forward advice related to population and family development, improving and implementing birth policies.

Three other departments have been set up to take charge of work related to healthcare, the aging population and occupational health.

The plan also detailed 14 specific responsibilities of the commission after the shift, including formulating national health policy, coordinating and deepening the reform of the medical and health systems, disease prevention and control, and formulating drug and medicine policies.

The commission now has 21 departments, with 525 administrative staff after the revamp.  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:3 family planning-related departments closed)