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The Starting Ceremony of “ Travel to the Yellow River ” Comes into Sight

On Sept. 10, the starting ceremony of the national network media theme activity of "Travel to the Yellow River" was held at Tong Zhou Lake, Da Li County, Wei Nan City in Shaanxi Province, which was hosted by Central News Network Office Network News and Information Dissemination Bureau, the Yellow River Water Conservancy Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources and the Network Information Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China.


A delegation of 14 Internet media from People’s Daily Online, Xinhuanet, CriOnline,, China Youth Network, HuanQiu Net, Chinanews, Cnwest,, and, etc took part in the starting ceremony.


In recent years, Shaanxi Province has carried out in-depth study and practiced of General Secretary Xi Jinping's concept that "Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets" and "Good Ecological Environment is the Most Popular Welfare for People's Livelihood". In August 2017, Shaanxi Province officially promulgated the "Planning of Ecological Town Belt Along the Yellow River (2015-2030)" and welcomed the completion of the Yellow River Highway. Which indicates that Shaanxi Province will encounter a new development opportunity in promoting ecological civilization construction, urban layout optimization and diversified industrial development, what’s more, becoming the regional economic development and new corridor.


As we all know, it will cost online media team 7 days for this interview. They interview along the Yellow River Highway upstream, on-the-spot interviews with Chao Yi Lake National Wetland, Yu Lin Project, Eighth Route Army East Crossing Memorial Hall, Hu kou Waterfall, Qian Kun Bay, the Yellow River moraine, etc, to explore the unique customs and folk culture of Shaanxi which was brought by the Yellow River civilization, and vigorously publicize it. Cities along the Yellow River aim to carry out Xi Jinping's thoughts of ecological civilization, implementing new development concepts, and the strategy of rural revitalization, as well as strengthening ecological restoration and environmental protection, promoting the integration of cultural tourism, construction of Characteristic Towns and industries, realizing the vivid practice of social and economic revitalization along the Yellow River, and then highlighting the prosperity of the sons and daughters of the Three Qin Dynasties of the spirit of constantly improving.

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