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Shaanxi Blower: Innovation Leads Environmental Protection Development of Energy Equipment

Description:On June 15, an interview group of "VOICE OF SHAANXI, VIA WHICH WE COMMUNICATE WITH THE WORLD" come into Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd.

Zhang Yingjie ( June 15, an interview group of "VOICE OF SHAANXI, VIA WHICH WE COMMUNICATE WITH THE WORLD" come into Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Shaanxi Blower Group), focusing on the world of China's "smart" manufacturing, exploring the smart green energy enterprises in the transformation and upgrading, as well as leading the successful experience of environmental protection development of the industry.

As we all know, Shaanxi Blower (group) is a field of distributed energy system solutions and service providers, which has 50-year technical advantage in the field of energy conversion, industry diversification, as well as internationalization.


An interview group of "VOICE OF SHAANXI, VIA WHICH WE COMMUNICATE WITH THE WORLD" come into Shaanxi Blower (Group)

Let green program drive "green effect"

In recent years, Shaanxi Blower has taken the distributed energy system solution as the center, constructing green energy system solution of "energy interconnected island" of Shaanxi Blower, which has subverted the traditional mode of energy management, setting off a new revolution in the application of distributed energy, and becoming a "new engine" to promote structural reforms on the energy supply side. What’s more, it has led Shaanxi Blower to become a smart green scheme quotient in the fields of discrete manufacturing, process industry, industrial park, smart city, as well as civil-military integration.

Shaanxi Blower takes vital important part in large wind tunnels, large blast furnace blowers, large air separation, large PTA equipment and other major domestic equipment fields. In the field of large blast furnaces in metallurgy, Shaanxi Blower has devoted more than 40 years to the development of large blast furnace blower technology, and has realized a new technological breakthrough, such as axial inlet structure of large blower, new shaft end seal, as well as new blade type development of large axial compressor.

In order to practice the green manufacturing system solution of the energy interconnected island, Shaanxi Blower has invested the first global operation center of the energy interconnected island in Lintong Industrial Park. Since the energy interconnected Island global operation center was put into operation, the output value of energy consumption in Shaanxi Blower decreased from 21.08 kg standard coal per 10,000 yuan to 14.99 kg standard coal per 10,000 yuan, with a decrease of 28.89%, realizing the "green effect" of energy planning and comprehensive utilization in industrial parks. Shaanxi Blower energy interconnected Island green system scheme is widely used in the process industry, smart cities, civil-military integration, overseas markets,etc.


Garden factory of Shaanxi Blower

Green Power to be added to The Belt and Road Initiative

As reporters learn that, Shaanxi Blower (Group), the key enterprise in Shaanxi Province, practices provincial government's "five new" strategic task actively, cultivating new momentum for development via innovation-driven, and stimulating new vitality for development via institutional reform. The energy consumption of Shaanxi Blower output value is 21.08 kg of standard coal per 10,000 yuan, which is lower than that of the turbine industry.

In recent years, Shaanxi Blower (Group) actively respond to "The Belt and Road initiative" to speed up the internationalization process of enterprises. With the view of building economic interest community, fate community and responsibility community, Shaanxi Blower aims to go into the international market with the technology and system solutions of "energy interconnected island", and to accelerate the internationalization gradually.

Now, Shaanxi Blower's energy-saving and environmental protection products and systems services have covered India, Iran, Turkey, the United States, Germany, Brazil and more than 30 countries and regions.

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