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A tour of Tianjin: An upcoming city in the world of smart technology

The “Rediscovering Tianjin from the eyes of Foreign Media – Binhai Edition” kicked offon August 27, and saw foreign journalists from Belt and Road and ASEAN countries explore the city of Tianjin over the following days.

As part of the tour, foreign journalists have already visited a number of companies to learn about the artificial intelligence and smart technology being developed in the Binhai Area.

The areaboasts a number of tech companies that are pioneering new methods of implementing technology to help in daily life. For example, the Tianjin Academy for Intelligent Recognition Technology is developing facial and iris recognition software to help identify people, hoping to eventually disregard the need for ID cards. This software is already being implemented in Chinese airports and railway stations.

The enterprise is also developing danger recognition technology, which can pinpoint a small flame or high temperature device in a deliberate or accidental incident.

Other companies, such as Efy Technology, are focused on implementing drones for a number of different commercial purposes, including agriculture, police assistance, GPS, mapping and delivery.

It’s hoped that through this tour, journalists can learn more about the area and it’s advancements in AI, and help communicate ideas between China and the rest of the world.

Source:People's Daily Online  Editor:Lucky

(Source_title:A tour of Tianjin: An upcoming city in the world of smart technology)