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'Incredible India' China roadshow underway


Tourism Minister of India K.J Alphons addresses a media conference attended by Chinese and Indian reporters in Beijing on Aug. 28, 2018. [Photo by Li Huiru /]

"We are going to have a big-time roadshow in China because it has the biggest tourist outflows. Last year, it had 144 million outbound tourists. India received only 250,000 of that so we are going to make moves so that the numbers go up dramatically," Tourism Minister of India K.J Alphons said during a tourism promotion conference themed “Incredible India” in Beijing on Aug. 28, 2018.

Alphons is currently visiting Beijing with 20 leading Indian travel agents for the first event of a series of road shows held by the India Tourism Ministry. The road show will also stop in Guangzhou, Wuhan and Shanghai, aiming to attract the high-spending Chinese tourists to India.

The Chinese outbound tourism market has developed at an unprecedented speed, becoming a central focus of the global tourism industry. According to "The UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2018 Edition" published by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on August 27 this month, Chinese tourists spent 258 billion U.S. dollars on international tourism in 2017, almost one fifth of the world's total tourism spending.

In recent years, the two governments have put in place many measures to accelerate the growth of China-India tourism relations. The year 2015 was celebrated as “Visit India Year” in China, and 2016 was celebrated as “Visit China Year” in India.

According to Satyajeet Rajan, the director general of India Tourism, online searches for Indian destinations by Chinese tourists rose by 134 percent in 2017, and the number of the Chinese people regularly practicing yoga reached 10 million.  Editor:Lucky

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