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People's Daily Online Australia

People's Daily Online Australia

People's Daily Online Australia Pty Ltd was registered in Sydney on November 26, 2012 and was officially launched on March 22, 2013.

By introducing China to Australia and reporting news in Australia to China, People’s Daily Online Australia will help improve the friendship and communication between the people of the two countries. It aims to become one of the best website for Australian netizens to learn about the ongoing major events in China at the very first, also a broadest platform of information exchange for people who concern and support the development of China and Australia’s relationship.

People's Daily Online Australia will help serve the local communities, Chinese people and overseas Chinese in Australia and will be dedicated to be a new window for Australia communities to show itself to China and a bridge connecting all the Chinese communities to China.

People's Daily Online Australia also provide media and consulting serivices to Australian companies interested in the Chinese market. It will carry out various business and culture activities, which may help improve the communication and understanding between the people and enterprises of China and Australia.  Editor:Lucky

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