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Deal of 28.329 billion Yuan was signed in Wuhan at 2018 Baoji • Middle Yangtze River Region Promotion & Investment Fair

Description:In the morning of July 25, 2018, Baoji • Middle Yangtze River Region Promotion & Investment Fair was held in Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

China (Ma Aiping) In the morning of July 25, 2018, Baoji • Middle Yangtze River Region Promotion & Investment Fair was held in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Advantageous industrial investment projects such as Baoji cultural tourism industry and equipment manufacturing showed up in the fair, seeking partners. Over 500 chambers of commerce and heads of enterprises from the middle Yangtze River region attended the gathering to follow up the project introduction and look for new business opportunity.


2018 Baoji • Middle Yangtze River Region Promotion & Investment Fair was held in Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Participants also included Hui Jincai, mayor of Baoji people's government, Yin Qingliao, deputy secretary of municipal committee, municipal leaders Jing Yaoping, Wang Ninggang, Liu Huanxun, Fu Jun, Zhang Wankui, Li Xing'an, and Dan Changchun, deputy director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress.

Baoji is the second largest city in Shaanxi Province and a critical hub city on the Silk Road. With a long historical background, Baoji is well-acclaimed as the origin of Zhou and Qin Dynasty culture, sacred locus of Buddhist relics, birthplace of Chinese bronze ware and homeland of folk arts and crafts. Baoji enjoys a solid industrial foundation and great scientific and technological strength. It now harbors 15 national-level engineering technology research center and sub-centers and has set up five pillar industries, namely automobiles and auto parts, titanium and titanium alloy, alcohol & tobacco & food, energy chemical industry and equipment manufacturing. With outstanding regional advantages, Baoji is a crucial transportation junction that links the east and the west and connects the north and the south. The city also enjoys wonderful environment, and thus becomes the first national garden city in the west of China and the only hygiene model city group and garden city group. Surrounded by green mountains and clear waters, Baoji is known for its livable habitat environment. When premier Li Keqiang inspected Baoji in 2017, he spoke highly of the urban infrastructure, eco-environment and industrial foundation of Baoji, and left his warm wishes for Baoji, that is "to equip China and to enter the world".

This investment promotion was an important measure taken by Baoji municipal party Committee and municipal government to implement the "going out" development strategy, accelerate the pursuit and transcendence, and show the outside world the image of Baoji that is enthusiastic, open and dynamic. City and country branch promotion was combined with concentrated promotion to help enterprises know the development and advantages of Baoji and to create a good investment environment so that the voice of Baoji can be heard in Hubei Province, the influence of excellent resources and products of Baoji can be further expanded, and optimal project, experience and elites can be brought in.

Before the investment promotion fair, the participants watched the city video of Baoji to visualize the beautiful landscape of Baoji and feel the unique appeal of culture.


Hui Jincai, mayor of Baoji Municipal People's Government, gave the opening speech at the fair

Hui Jincai gave the speech at the fair. He said, the middle Yangtze River region is the new growth pole in regional development of China, especially Wuhan, which, as the core city in the Yangtze River Economic Zone, with dynamic economic development, high-end industrial clusters and great science and education strength, plays an irreplaceable role and shows advantage in various fields, such as electronic information, equipment manufacturing, and automobile & auto parts, etc. Nowadays, under "The Belt and Road Initiative", the bond between Wuhan and Baoji, two industrial cities of the same origin, has grown closer by day and achieved satisfactory performance. We sincerely hope that the promotion and investment activities will deepen the cooperation of you entrepreneurs and realize the industry docking by applying talents, technology and innovation achievements in the Yangtze River region more into the advantageous resources and industries of Baoji so that the two parties could unite their powers, complement each other's advantages and develop at a high-quality level. For the sake of numerous entrepreneurs to efficiently invest and develop in Baoji, the city has built up a standard workshop of more than two million square meters, fully-furnished for the convenience of enterprises. To carry out tailored policy for each company and handle special case with special method during large industrial project, Baoji will play the investment "depressions effect" and become the highland of opening, innovation base, and land of promise for start-up and development.

Chen Mingquan, deputy secretary general of Wuhan people's government, gave a brief profile of Wuhan City. He said, Wuhan and Baoji enjoy many similarities, indicating a fine basis for resource sharing, industrial complement and cooperation. Within the framework of "The Belt and Road Initiative" and "The Rise of Central China" strategy and with the opportunity of the promotion investment fair, Wuhan will fully cooperate with Baoji in terms of economic and social development to realize the win-win cooperation of two cities.

Li Wanjun, chairman of Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce in Hubei Province, said that he always cared about the development of his hometown despite his working outside. In spite of the hot weather, Baoji leaders of all level visited the promotion investment fair held in Wuhan, dubbed as "furnace" known for its scorching heat, showing their commitment to catching up and exceeding and determination to recruit talents. We will give full play to our role as the bridge and bond and grab the development opportunity to make proactive contributions to the coordinated economic development in Shaanxi and Hubei.

Ma Xinqiang, deputy to the National People's Congress, chairman and secretary of the party committee of HUAGONG TECH, said that HUAGONG TECH cooperated with the Baoji people's government to set up the national laser processing engineering research center northwestern regional center as early as 2016, which has now become the bridgehead in the realm of HUAGONG TECH's laser equipment industry in northwestern China, as well as a prominent science and technology landmark in Baoji. From now on, HUAGONG TECH will further merge into the economic development of Baoji and deepen cooperation with local enterprises to realize mutual benefit and a win-win situation and reap the fruit of development together.


Baoji cultural tourism project was promoted on site

On the promotion investment fair, with industries such as automobile and auto parts, equipment manufacturing and military-civilian integration as the focus, 9 projects were presented to the participating chambers of commerce and enterprises, including automobile industrial park, new energy automobile and auto parts industrial park, robotics intelligent manufacturing industrial park, rail science and technology industrial park and military-civilian integration industrial model park, etc. Among these promotion industrial projects, the one with the largest amount of investment is Baoji military-civilian integration industrial model park. With a total investment of 11 billion Yuan, it plans to bring in about 20 military industrial enterprises or coordinated supporting industries. The cultural tourism was introduced through three parts, namely "Charms of Zhou & Qin Dynasty, Roots of Culture"; "Pearl on the Silk Road, Beauty of Baoji"; and "City of Goodness, Happy Baoji". Participants were guided to know 16 projects, including the heritage park of Zhou Dynasty, heritage park of Yongcheng, Gufengzhou Ruyi Town, and Fengxiang County Liuying folk customs village, etc. Among the aforesaid projects, the world Buddhist city project, Famen Temple, with a total investment of 35.7 billion Yuan, was the largest-invested promotion project of the day.


Promotion and investment activities signed on site

A signing ceremony was specially held at the fair, sealing 20 deals with a total signing amount of 22.57 billion Yuan. As is known, in the promotion and investment activities for the middle Yangtze River region (Wuhan), departments at municipal level, county and district level and the development zones all got actively involved in the negotiation and cooperation. A team of city leaders visited related enterprises in the middle Yangtze River region, coordinating and implementing a number of prominent and promising projects. As of now, 40 signed projects have been put into practice, including 18 cooperation projects and 22 agreement projects, with a total signing amount of 28.329 billion Yuan.