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"Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicatie With The World" visited the aviation industrial base of Xi'an

Description:In recent years, the economic development of aviation industrial base of Xi'anmaintains a sound momentum of rapid growth.

China Vtion (An Xin) On June 25, sponsored byShaanxi Provincial Party Committee Cyberspace Administration and China InternetNetwork Information Center, organized by SL, "Shine in thenew era, Navigate in the new Silk Road——Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicatie With The World" themed interview team visited the Administrative Committee ofXi'an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base (Short as aviationindustrial base of Xi'an) to experience the solid aviation industrialfoundation of Xi'an and focus on the development of civil aviation industry.



The aviation industrial base of Xi'an was approved to establish in August 2004by National Development and Reform Commission and was approved by the StateCouncil to upgrade as the Administrative Committee of Xi'an Yanliang NationalAviation Hi-tech industrial Base in June 2010. The industrial base putsmilitary and civilian fusion as the priority and closely adheres to theaviation theme "supplement, expansion, strengthening and extension ofindustrial chain" to emphatically develop the civil aircraftmanufacturing, aviation special equipment manufacturing, aviation partsmatching, aviation new materials, and general aviation, etc.; to establish theadvanced manufacturing industry for energy equipment and environmentalprotection equipment; to speed up the development of modern service industrywith technology service, information service, modern logistics and culturaltourism as the leading business so as to form the industrial system entailingadvanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry.



In recent years, the economic development of aviation industrial base of Xi'anmaintains a sound momentum of rapid growth. Driven by complete machinemanufacturing projects such as regional aircrafts of the Modern Ark (MA) seriesand giant transport aircrafts, aviation industrial base of Xi'an gathers anumber of items: aircraft manufacturing, specialized equipment and newmaterials of aviation, aviation maintenance, general aviation operation, aviationtraining, and aviation travel and exposition, for example, preliminaryestablished aviation industrial clusters led by aircraft manufacturing. A batchof key projects have been set up and put into product, such as 400MN dieforging hydraulic press, aircraft simulation emulator, high performance carbonfiber, aviation material of Xifei Aluminum Industry, etc. And a number of majorprojects have successively settled, such as the Xinzhou 700 aircraft,  AVIC aircraft landing gear, China Aviationgas spring, Xinyi UAV, and Bosai spinning, etc. They help lay a solidfoundation for the growth of industrial scale.

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