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Yanliang G-aero Technology: "cradle" of civil aircraft maintainer

In the afternoon of June 25, sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Party CommitteeCyberspace Administration and China Internet Network Information Center,organized by SL, "Shine in the new era, Navigate in the newSilk Road——Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicatie With The World listen to the voice of Shaanxi" themed interviewteam visited xian Yanliang national aviation hi-tech industrial base toinspect the training "cradle" of civil aircraft maintainer——ShaanxiG-aero Technology Co., Ltd. (short as G-aero)and experience the unique charm of aviation dream makers.


Vice president of G-aero Gu Hangzheng led the interview team to visit the filedtraining equipment and facility, and introduced the training business andadvantages of the company by explaining G-aero's years of aviation maintenancetalent training situation. According to Gu Hangzheng's detailed introduction,reporters further knew and understood the technical development in Shaanxiaviation and aviation industry of our country.


Gu Hangzheng told the reporters that the company is committed to thecultivation and talent output of civil aircraft maintainers and theconstruction of civil aviation maintenance technology and service exchangeplatform since it established in June 2009. It has successively obtained the qualificationsfor CCAR147 civil aircraft maintenance training organization, aviation materialdistribution and testing center of civil aircraft maintainer basic license.Each year, there are more than 700 training talent output. It has become apowerful tool in the service industry to improve the airlines employee skillsand quality, optimize university employment and strengthen personal skills ofmaintainer. (Wang Mengfan)

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