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Aviation industrial base of Xi'an: scientific and technological innovation guides to build up the highland of aviation industry

China Vtion (Zhou Tong) Located in the center ofXi'an industrial corridor, the aviation industrial base has been steadfast to motivatethe industry and construct new aviation industrial clusters in recent years,and has formed a complete aviation industrial chain combining aircraft researchand design, test flight, flight manufacturing, aviation maintenance, aviationtraining and general aviation. And a modern new city based on a completeaviation industrial chain with characteristic clusters is rising up.

In the aviation industrial base of Xi'an, there is Xi'an Triangle DefenceIncorporated Company, a world-class company that possesses large tonnageforging hydraulic press with die forging, isothermal forging and hot dieforging (40000 tons die forging hydraulic press) and a die forging productionline. Now it is constructing a public service platform for military andcivilian fusion physical and chemical testing, and an advanced production linefor engine disc ring. The major equipment 40000 tons die forging hydraulicpress is currently the world largest single cylinder precision die forginghydraulic press, a large tonnage forging hydraulic press that can process dieforging, isothermal forging and hot die forging simultaneously. As of now,Triangle Defence has successfully manufactured the world largest singlecylinder forging hydraulic press. The technology, control and precision of itall amount to top level of the world.

In addition, the aviation industrial base of Xi'an gathers a world top-notchaviation manufacturing equipment enterprise, Xi'an Hengtong Aviation TechnologyCo., Ltd. It undertakes a number of tasks for the design and production ofparts, jig and fixture of key model airplane and rocket. These significanttreasures of the country boost up the "aviation dream" of the base.

Aviation maintenance testing, aviation new material research and manufacturing,research and production of UAV, air-borne and ground testing equipmentdevelopment and general of the end of December 2017, Xi'anaviation technology business incubator has 212 incubated enterprises. Theindustrial base accommodates over 30 professional service organizations of allkind and provides various public technical service platforms, such asengineering platform, training platform, military and civilian fusion serviceplatform, UAV flight training platform, and aviation maintenance trainingplatform, etc. to proffer services such as policy interpretation, militaryproducts, talent training, business start-up guidance, investment and financingfor enterprises. And the incubation system based on field and property managementservice, with industrial chain services as the core and supported bycomprehensive start-up service, is generally established to accelerate thedevelopment of enterprises.

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