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Photos: Hanjiang-to-Weihe waterdiversion project

Description:The Han-to-Wei Water Diversion project is also known as the South-to-NorthWater Transfer Project of Shaanxi Province.


On June 24, the interview team themed with "Shine in the new era, Navigatein the new Silk Road –Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We CommunicatieWith The World" and“Take the state-owned enterprise responsibility and forge ahead” came toHan-to-Wei Water Diversion Project Construction Co. Ltd. of Shaanxi Province tolearn this major water conservancy project.


The Han-to-Wei Water Diversion project is also known as the South-to-NorthWater Transfer Project of Shaanxi Province. The project is to introduceHanjiang River water into Guanzhong areato supplement the water consumption oflarge and medium-sized cities such as Xi'an, Xianyang and Weinan Cities. Afterthe completion, it will greatly alleviate the water shortage in urbanconstruction and industrial development along the Weihe River. The projectcovers an area of 14,500 square kilometers and a beneficiary population of14.11 million.


The Han-Wei Water diversion project is full of challenges. Geological disasterssuch as fault landslides, rock bursts, hard rocks, water inrush, and harmfulgases often occur in the construction of the water tunnels in QinlingMountains. The comprehensive difficulty is unprecedented in the world andconstantly refreshed the record.


In the course of Lingnan area, workers once encountered strong water inrush of46,000 cubic meters a day, and rock burst also occurred frequently. As thetemperature inside the cave exceeded 40 °C, the rock would be very hard andtools heads seemed to drill on the steel plate. and the construction difficultywas extremely rare in the tunnel construction.


Shaanxi Hanjiang-to-Weihe Water Diversion Company insisted on damage testing tokey links and parts. The company built the emergency hole to prevent the tunnelconstruction from flood influence which might happen one time in 200 years.Quality inspection was controlled in the highest of standard,testing andchecking were inspected in the whole process. The excellence rate ofengineering is over 84%. Unprecedented Difficulties were tackled throughscientific innovation so that the engineering can steadily and safelyproceeded.


The project also applied advanced technologies of artificial intelligence tothe construction management. Video conference system, the Sanhekou videosurveillance system, environment protection monitoring system and theinformation-based intelligent management network covering the entire work areawere gradually established. The intelligent dam construction technology used inSanhekou effectively stabilized the quality of roller compacted concrete.


In accordance with the requirement of “building a water project, and adding onemore water landscape”, the construction actively responded to the call ofdeveloping ecologically friendly project. The beautification and compensationof the natural environment have been realized by combining engineeringconstruction with ecological restoration and people's livelihood security.


Up to now, the project has completed a total investment of 13.6125 billionyuan. The water tunnel has completed 86.73 kilometers in the main tunnelexcavation, accounting for 88.23% of the total length of the tunnel. TheSanhekou Dam has been built 73 meters, accounting for 50.34% of the totalheight of 145 meters. The main water control project of Huangjin Gorge is aboutto start construction.


Han-to-Wei Water Diversion Project Construction Co., Ltd. will accelerate theconstruction of water transfer in an all-round way to help Shaanxi catch upwith and surpass other regions. The company will make efforts and contributionsto the development Guanzhong area. (An Xin)

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