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"Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicate With The World" interview team visited the engineering front-line of Han-to-Wei WaterDiversion

Description:As is known, Han-to-Wei Water Diversion in Shaanxi is similar to theSouth-to-North Water Diversion.

In the morning of June 24, held by Shaanxi Provincial Party CommitteeCyberspace Administration and China Internet Network Information Center,organized by SL, "Shine in the new era, Navigate in the SilkRoad——Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicate With The World" and"Take the state-owned enterprise responsibility and forge ahead"themed interview team visited Shaanxi Han-to-Wei Water Diversion EngineeringConstruction Co., Ltd. and reached the engineering front-line of Han-to-WeiWater Diversion to closely follow up the progress of key water conservancyproject in the state"13th Five-Year Plan" and to listen to the storybehind construction.

As is known, Han-to-Wei Water Diversion in Shaanxi is similar to theSouth-to-North Water Diversion. The project is of great significance in termsof optimizing water resource management in Shaanxi, overall planning the wateruse in the central and northern Shaanxi plain, promoting the circular economyin southern Shaanxi, improving the water ecology along the Wei River andmaintaining the regional sustainable development in Shaanxi.

It is one of the 172 major water conservancy projects to be accelerated duringthe "13th Five-Year Plan" as prescribed by the State Council and isdesigned into two parts: Phase I water diversion and Phase II water conveyance.Among this, the water diversion comprises three parts: the Huangjinxia waterconservancy hub, the Sanhekou water conservancy hub and the Qinling Mountainswater conveyance tunnel, a total length of 98.3 kilometers and the maximumdepth of 2012 meters. It is the first time of mankind to cross underground theQinling Mountains, one of the major ten mountains world-wide, which proves tobe the most difficult construction in the world.

On the north mountain construction site of Han-to-Wei Water Diversion locatedin Zhouzhi County, the interview team deeply explored the Han-to-Wei WaterDiversion by fieldwork, UAV and VR; in the project showroom, the team observedthe lift sand table, real water model for engineering operation and otherpanorama display with sound, light and electronics. And thus they felt thedifficulties and keys of construction.

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