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Shaanxi Coal Geology Group: to become the first-class comprehensive geologicalservice provider

“Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicatie With The World ” entersShaanxi Coal Geology Group Co., Ltd

Description:Accordingly, Shaanxi Coalfield Group has a long history. Since itsestablishment 64 years ago, the generations of the group have carried forwardthe “three glorious” and “four special” spirits.

China Vtion (An Xin) —On June 23, the interview group themed with "Shinein the new era, Navigate in the new Silk Road – Voiceof Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicatie With The World"and “Take the state-owned enterprise responsibility and forge ahead” came toShaanxi Coalfield Geological Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as"Shaanxi Coalfield Group") to learn more about its achievements andexperience in terms of development, deepening institutional mechanism reform, transformation and upgrading, andtechnology research and development.

Xie Hui, executive director and general manager of the company, said that inthe face of the new development environment, the group will aim at building afirst-class comprehensive geological service provider, continue its five majorlayouts in optimizing geological exploration, new energy, mining development,engineering construction and diversified industries with industrial structureadjustment, transformation and upgrading as the main line, enhance the sixcapabilities of industrial development, coordinated promotion, goal landing,lean management, capital operation and cultural cohesion, achieve coordinateddevelopment through classification in measures implementation, lead sustainabledevelopment with key breakthroughs, and promote innovation and developmentthrough platform construction. The company will provide resource guarantee andgeological services for Shaanxi's economic and social development as well asecological civilization construction.


Xie Hui said that Shaanxi Coalfield Group will further accelerate theconstruction of the first-class comprehensive geological service provider andput the responsibility of state-owned enterprises into practical actions. ( Photography by An Xin)

Wang Zhongfeng, Party Secretary of the company said that the group takes themission of building a “first-class comprehensive geological service provider”,and regards mine geological services, geological disaster management,geothermal resources development and shale gas exploration as itsbreakthroughs. Under the leadership of Shaanxi Investment Group and  in accordance with the requirements ofShaanxi Provincial Committee and Provincial Government on implementing “fivesolids” and struggling to “catch up and surpass”, the company is acceleratingthe pace of transformation and upgrading to make new and greater contributionto the "catching up and surpassing" of Shaanxi Province as a majormineral resources provider.


Wang Zhongfeng said that the company will accelerate the pace of transformationand upgrading to make new and greater contribution to the "catching up andsurpassing" of Shaanxi Province as a major mineral resources provider. (Photography by An Xin)


Yang Zhichun, SL China of China, introduced the activity of “Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicatie With The World”. ( Photography by An Xin)

Accordingly, Shaanxi Coalfield Group has a long history. Since itsestablishment 64 years ago, the generations of the group have carried forwardthe “three glorious” and “four special” spirits. Its accumulated  coal resources are more than 178 billiontons, accounting for 12% of the whole country. The discovery of largecoalfields in Shen Mu and Fu Gu counties has left a strong impression on thehistory of coal exploration in China, has made outstanding contributions to thewestward shift of the national coal strategy and the establishment of Shaanxi'sposition as a province with abundant resources.

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