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Photos: the development mode of “Ecology + Tourism + Poverty Alleviation” which has beatified Chencang District, Baoji City and enriched people there.


The western mountain area of Baoji City is theregion with the deepest poverty level, the most concentrated population and thegreatest difficulty in poverty alleviation. In order to get rid of poverty assoon as possible, Chencang District actively responded to the national strategyof targeted poverty alleviation, and protectively developed and built the “DaShuichuan International Tourism Resort” as well as other projects to help itspeople embark on a new path of becoming rich. (Photography by An Xin)


Inrecent years, Chencang District of Baoji City has actively implemented thestrategy of all-for-one tourism and promoted the “tourism + povertyalleviation” work mode. Taking Dashuichuan, Guanshan Grassland, Taibai Mountainand Huangbaiyu as leading areas, it has taken advantage of local conditions andtransformed mountainous areas into scenic spots. In the process of reducingpoverty, the mode of "ecology + tourism + poverty alleviation" is anew driving force to change farmers into workers and transformed farm land totourist culture so that little-known landscapes could be popular and peoplewould have the chance to be rich. ( Photography by AnXin)


According to reports, Yucai Group invested 5billion yuan to build  touristattractions of Dashuichuan, Lingbao Gorge and Jiulong Mountain, which hasdriven nearly 10,000 poor people in Xiangquan Town and Pingtou Town to get ridof poverty and become rich. Tourism has brought endless treasure to localpeople. Depending on the mode of "tourism + poverty alleviation", therewere nearly 40, 000 people out of poverty in Baoji City in 2017. ( Photography by An Xin)


In May 2015, the Chencang District Governmentsigned a contract with Yucai Group for the protective development of theprogram of "Da Shuichuan International Tourism Reosrt"  which is a combined scenic spot ofDashuichuan known as the the last pure land of Guanzhong area, the Danxialandform of Lingbao Gorge, the majestic and magnificent scenery of JiulongMountain. This is an attempt to realize poverty alleviation in industry throughtourism development. ( Photography by An Xin)


Localenterprises have organized various technical trainings to ensure that eachhousehold can master a skill. At present, nearly 400 people are working indifferent positions, and the per capita annual income has increased from lessthan 2,000 yuan to the current 20,000 yuan. The goal of “moving in, settlingdown, having work, and getting rich” has been achieved. ( Photography by An Xin)


In the process of reducing poverty, the mode of"ecology + tourism + poverty alleviation" has been well implementedby integrating protection and development into one, creating a tourism clusterof eating, resting, transporting, traveling, shopping and entertaining.Depending on tourism, people have lived out of poverty; By developing specialand fine industries, people have increased their income. ( Photography by An Xin)

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