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Photo group: The interview team of " Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicate With The World " entered the Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co., Ltd

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On the morning of June 16, the interview group of “Voice of Shaanxi,Via Which We Communicate With The World”went to Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co., Ltd and interviewed modern coalchemical companies deeply integrating the traditional coal chemical industryand petrochemical industry and conveyed the sound of green development inShaanxi. ( Photography by Wu Kaizhe)

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Wang Huimin, general manager of Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co., Ltd, briefedthat: In the “13th Five-Year Plan" period, the company will closely followthe market demand, take the fine ethnic culture as the longitude and the high-endcoal-based fine chemical technology as the latitude, learn from domestic andforeign advanced management ideas and methods, establish a sound modernenterprise system. In the future, the company will open up a large-scale,intensive, base, park-based, upstream and downstream industrial linkage toexpand the sustainable development path of the coal-based industrial chain andcreate a “China's top and world-renowned” modern coal chemical industry base. (Photography by An Xin)

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It is reported that coal-to-olefins(coal-based methanol to olefins) refers to the technology of producing olefinssuch as ethylene and propylene through methanol by synthesizing methanol fromcoal as raw materials. Its purpose is to make ethylene, propylene and otherolefins for chemical and fuel. ( Photography by Wu Kaizhe)

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Afterwards, the interview team held discussions with main leadership team ofPucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co., Ltd., and conducted exchange interviews onissues such as the development concept of “Green Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co., Ltd”. ( Photography by AnXin)

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The production of low-carbon olefin by replacing "coal" with"oil" is one of the important ways to realize China's energy strategyof "substituting coal for oil " and ensure the country's energysecurity. It is understood that since the completion of production in 2015, Pucheng Clean Energy Chemical Co.,Ltd plans to build an project that the annual output of methanol will reach 5.4million tons, and polyolefin reach 2 million tons; the annual output ofmethanol will reach 1.8 million tons and polyolefin will reach 680,000 tons atthe first stage. The project uses coal as raw material and methanol to obtainolefins, which has the outstanding features of energy conservation,environmental protection, and high efficiency and low consumption. Producepolyethylene, polypropylene products for the wide application. In recent years,the company has achieved remarkable results in the development of new coalchemical industry, the promotion of resource conversion, and the protection ofnational energy security, which made important strategic significance for thepromotion of local economic development. ( Photography by An Xin)

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