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Photo group: The interview team of " Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicate With The World " visited the South Gate of Xi'an to experience the ceremony of entering the city


On June 14, the interview group of " Voice of Shaanxi,Via Which We Communicate With The World "  walked intothe Xi'an Yongningmen Culture Square and experienced great  ceremony of entering the city in theTang-style and watched a large-scale live performance Chang’anin Dream. ( Photography by An Xin)


"Landing the drawbridge, opening the gate and welcome guests." Withthe order of Minster of Court of State Ceremonials, the highest ritual thatgreets the VIP guests in a Tang-style is officially opened. ( Photography by AnXin)


This is not only a cultural grandceremony that integrates the history of the millennium ancient capitals and theSilk Road style, but also a state courtesy of returning to the Tang Dynastythrough time and space. ( Photography by An Xin)


It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. The civil servants whoare accompanying the royal ladies greet with ambassadors  from various countries after crossing thedrawbridge. The graceful sing-song girls danced to the distinguished guest fromafar. ( Photography by An Xin)


The actors dressed in Tang Dynasty costumes lined up neatly on both sides andshowed visitors a variety of Tang cultural elements through their dance andmovement. ( Photography by An Xin)


Under the auspices of officials and maids in the Tang style, guests passedthrough the Yuecheng and slowly entered the barbican. Within the barbican, theperfect combination of true and false scenes is dazzling, as if the guestsplace themselve in the prosperous Tang Dynasty in thousands of years ago. (Photography by An Xin)


Light is dazzling, music pervades in the sky, the wine is fragrant, thearchaistic reeting etiquette is poetic and picturesque. Pan Cong, a reporterfrom CCTV, said that it was a moving performance after watching theperformance. ( Photography by An Xin)


The archaistic greeting etiquette of Xi'an South Gate by relying on the citywall scenic area is a royal greeting ceremony according to ancient rituals andgreeting ceremonies in the Tang Dynasty. It is known as the “First ceremony inthe world” and “The first ceremony of Chinese archaistic greeting” and showsthe unique charm of Xi'an to the world. ( Photography by An Xin)

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