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Launch of " Voice of Shaanxi ,Via Which We Communicate With The World " Theme Interview Activity in Xi'an

Description:On the morning of June 12, sponsored by Cyberspace Administration (CAC) of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, China Internet Information Center and Xi'an Internet Information Office.


On the morning of June 12, sponsored byCyberspace Administration (CAC) of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of theCommunist Party of China, China Internet Information Center and Xi'an InternetInformation Office, organized by China Network Silk Road China Channel and co-organizedby Xi'an Chanba Ecological District Management Committee, the "Shinningthe Shaanxi New Era, Leading the New Silk Road and Voice ofShaanxi ,Via Which We Communicate With The World " theme interviewactivity was officially launched in Chanba Ecological District, Xi'anCity.

Mr. Bao Yongneng, Director of CAC ofShaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, Li Fugen, DeputyDirector of the China Internet News Center, Wu Jian, Member of the StandingCommittee of the CPC Xi'an Municipal Committee and Propaganda Department, LiuXinfeng, Deputy Director of the General Office of the CPC Xi'an MunicipalCommittee and Director of the Municipal CAC, and Wang Qongli, Deputy Directorof the Management Committee of Xi'an Chanba Ecological District and otherleaders attended the launch ceremony. Li Jianyi, Deputy Director andSecretary-General of The Third Silk Road International Expo &ITFCEW CommitteeExecutive Committee, Party Secretary and Director of the Shaanxi ProvincialConvention and Exhibition Center, Ma Xianping, Member of the StandingCommittee of the Baoji Municipal Party Committee and Minister of PropagandaDepartment attended the activity as special guests.

Liu Jiawen, Deputy Editor-in-Chief ofXinhuanet, Chen Jianying, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of CCTV Net, Han Lei,Editor-in-Chief of China Daily Net, Hu Xiaojing, Deputy Editor-in-Chief ofChina Economic Net, Song Leyong, Deputy General Manager of Guangming Online,Chen Hua, Assistant Editor of China Youth Network, Wang Lei, DeputyEditor-in-Chief of China Pictorial and Wang Kai, Director of Social Media Centerof CNS and other key members of central media units attended the event.


Bao Yongneng stated in his speech thatthis interview activity has closely followed the theme of celebrating the 40thanniversary of the reform and opening up, focused on the new look and newsituation exhibited by Shaanxi's promoting, catching up and surpassing thenew era and sent good voice of Shaanxi to the world. He hoped that the interviewactivity will fully agglomerate the advantages of the central mainstreammedia, use all-media means and in several languages to propaganda thetypical cases and lively practices of the Shaanxi people's facing adversity anddifficulties and demonstrate the Shaanxi's exploration whenopening the new journey of comprehenisvely building the modernsocialist country so that the world will hear Shaanxi,understand Shaanxi and fall in love with Shaanxi.


Li Fugen said that in this themeinterview activity, China Network will rely on its multi-lingual mediainternational dissemination platform and extensive influence, make full use ofnew media, new technology, new application to exhibit Shaanxi and Xi'an's newpace it stepped, new performance it obtained and new experience it accumulatedby seizing the "Belt& Road Initiatives" construction opportunity,grasping the "chasing and surpassing" positioning and"Five-implementation" requirements and focusing on economic socialconstruction under the "five-in-one" overall layout and“fourcomprehensive” strategic layout, tell the good stories about Shaanxiand Xi'an and let the world to hear the voice of Shaanxi and Xi'an.


Wu Jian said in his speech thatsince last year, the Great Xi’an has entered a new period of development andXi’an has become increasingly attractive. He expressed his opinion that hebelieved that through this activity, the sound of Xi'an's development willbe heard throughout the country, and the ‘Internet celebrities’ label such asmost Chinese, hard technology, waiter, city of food and capital of culture willbe spread around the world.


At the ceremony, Liu Xinfengpresented a Shaanxi opera facial makeup representing the traditionalcultural element of Shaanxi as a gift to Ole, the journalistrepresentative of interview team and German reporter of China Network.


At the meeting, BaoYongneng granted the League Flag to Yang Zhichun, the representativeof the delegation and Director of China Silk Road China Channel. Bao Yongneng,Li Fugen, Wu Jian and Liu Xinfeng jointly pushed the launchpole, marking the official launch of "Shining Shaanxi NewEra, Leading New Silk Road and Meeting the Great Xi'an- Let the world Hear theVoice of Shaanxi" theme interview acitivty.


In the next 15 days, journalistsand editors from nearly 30 mainstream media and China Network multilingualWebsite from the Central Government and Shaanxi Provice will enterXi'an, Baoji and Xixian New Area New District in Shaanxi Province, as well assome large state-owned enterprises to carry out theme interview activities sothat the voice of Shaanxi and stories of Shaanxi will be heard throughout thecountry and the world through the multi-platform, multilingual and full-mediapropagation matrix. 

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