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" Baoji Voice" is Heard all around the Hero City

The 2018 Baoji-Nanchang investment promotion was held in Nanchang, and 26 projects were looking for partners to work wit

Description:on the morning of June 1, the 2018 Baoji Nanchang investment promotion was held in Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province, known as the Hero City.

on the morning of June 1, the 2018 Baoji Nanchang investment promotion was held in Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province, known as the Hero City. Teng Junfeng, standing Committee member of Nanchang municipal Committee, Chen Yidi, deputy director of the standing Committee of the municipal people's congress, Wang Durang, deputy director of the standing Committee of Baoji municipal people's congress and deputy director of the municipal party Committee organization department, attended the meeting. More than 400 people from more than 180 chambers of commerce, enterprises and over 100 tourism agencies from Jiangxi Province attended the meeting.

This investment promotion was an important measure taken by Baoji municipal party committee and municipal government to implement the "going out" development strategy, accelerate the pursuit and transcendence, and show the outside world the image of Baoji that is enthusiastic, open and dynamic. Through the combination of city and county teams' promotion and centralized promotion, and industry docking, the development status and advantages of Baoji were promoted, the favorable investment environment was promoted, the influence of Baoji's good resources and products was continuously expanded, and local good projects, good experiences and high-quality talents were brought to Baoji.

Wang Durang made a speech. According to him, for a long time, leaders at all levels and social elites in Jiangxi Province had contributed to Baoji's development in different fields and in various ways, making Baoji have more extensive influence at home and abroad. In the future, we would devote ourselves to providing a broad display platform for everyone, striving to create an inclusive and win-win environment that is internationalized, legalized and convenient, making Baoji an ideal place for investments, an open highland, an innovation base, a good place to start a business, and a valuable place to develop.

Teng Junfeng said that Nanchang and Baoji had the basis of resource sharing and industry complementation in many aspects. We would regard this investment promotion as an opportunity to strengthen the exchange of advanced concepts and successful experiences in economic and social development between the two cities and jointly promote full cooperation in investment negotiation, investment promotion, industry docking, scientific and technological cooperation, tourism promotion, market promotion, port logistics and other aspects, so as to realize complementary advantages, two-way interaction and win-win cooperation.

Feng Xuanzong, executive vice-chairman of the Shaanxi chamber of commerce in Jiangxi Province, said at the meeting that local Shaanxi people who fought in different places all had certain feelings about their hometown. Shaanxi Chamber of Commerce in Jiangxi Province is the link to strengthen the integration of the two places. in the future, we will continue to uphold the tenet of "serving members, the government and the society", coordinate and strengthen the service function, improve the service quality, and make contributions to the investment and development of member enterprises, the hometown economy, and the economic development of Jiangxi and Shaanxi.

At the promotion meeting, Nanchang and Baoji signed a tourism cooperation agreement and awarded a license to Baoji tourism promotion and marketing cooperation travel agency in Nanchang City.

It was said that, this promotion in Nanchang was the second stop of Baoji's "2018 Baoji promotion and investment promotion activities in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river". Baoji would also carry out a series of promotion and investment activities in the middle reaches of the Yangtze river, including investment promotion for characteristic industries, introduction of wisdom by scientific research institutes, display of famous and excellent products, and promotion of cultural tourism.  ( Aiping Ma )

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