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The Silk Road Shaanxi Cuisine International Food Festival: More than 100 kinds of special foods debut in Xi'an

Description:Shaanxi, as the Silk Road, met various friends through its "foods". By taking advantage of three major exhibitions and more than one hundred kinds of Shaanxi cuisine, Shaanxi promoted its cuisine to the world stage.

Message from (Wang Mengfan) Shaanxi, as the Silk Road, met various friends through its "foods". By taking advantage of three major exhibitions and more than one hundred kinds of Shaanxi cuisine, Shaanxi promoted its cuisine to the world stage during the 3rd Silk Road International Expo. On May 6, Xi'an held the first "Silk Road International Food Festival" to further promote food and cultural exchanges internationally and regions along the Silk Road, and evoke the sound of revitalizing Shaanxi cuisine.

From May 6 to the 15, the first "Silk Road Shaanxi Cuisine International Food Festival" adopted the three food exhibition areas with the theme of Silk Road style, non-heritage culture, and ethnic characteristics to create a feast for the tongue, enable the audience to enjoy the delicious food, rectify the reputation of Shaanxi cuisine, promotes Xi’an cuisine to the world and highlights the new image of the international food capital of Xi'an.


Audience are tasting Shaanxi pasta

From non-heritage culture to inheritance and innovation, Shaanxi cuisine is bursting out new vigour

Shaanxi cuisine, also known as Qin cuisine, is one of the oldest cuisines in China. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty, Shaanxi cuisine began to appear. It is said that the “Eight Delicacies” of the Western Zhou Dynasty came from Xi’an today. In the non-heritage cultural and food exhibition area set up at Yongxing Street in Xi’an, Chang’an Gourd Chicken in Guanzhong Lane, Hanyin White-fire Stone-boiling Soup in Shannan Street, and Hedaoda Steamed Cold Noodles in Dingbian of northern Shaanxi are all waiting for tourists who love food and culture to "taste."


An Indian chef is making naan breads on site

Participation of the international foods highlights the Silk Road style and promotes the food and cultural exchanges

Since it is an international food festival, international friends will naturally join this festival. At the Silk Road style food show in Jinshi Square in West Tang City, Xi’an, exotic dancing and singing performances attract people to stop and a wide range of international cuisine satisfy the taste buds of the public. The naan bread, as one of the hottest food, attracted various visitors to line up in front of the display area. Telford from India warmly solicited customers while introducing the flavour of bread in fluent Chinese: “Today's braes has a fruit taste such as bananas, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, as well as eggs and chives, a lot of choices. "

The grand banquet in Huifang Style Street promotes the branding of Shaanxi cuisine

Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup , Steamed Beef and Mutton, juicy steamed buns, Huanggui persimmon cake, and juicy Chinese hamburgers... Xi’an Huifang ethnic food exhibition area was is a lively affair in the night. The time-honoured brand Laosun attracted lots of tourists to taste the juicy Chinese hamburgers by queuing up for a long time. The master is proficient in cutting meat, pouring juice, and applying cut meat into pancakes at a dash. The hot and delicious Chinese hamburgers are then conveyed to the hands of diners.


At the Ethnic Food Exhibition, chefs are making juicy Chinese hamburgers with beef inside

According to staff from the food exhibition, the Huifang Street, also called North Guangji Street, is one of the Xi'an special tourist business cards. It is the main place for Chinese and foreign tourists to taste special food. Under the help of the International Food Festival, the tourists who are attracted to Huifang Street by its reputation are continuing to increase. Moreover, the number of foreign visitors are also increasing.

In recent years, Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Shaanxi Provincial People's Government have attached great importance to the development of Shaanxi cuisine. And the construction of Shaanxi cuisine brand has achieved remarkable results. By the end of 2017, Xi'an City has been awarded the title of International Food Capital, and has taken a solid step forward in the construction of an international metropolis. In the layout of the national “Belt and Road” construction and development strategy, Shaanxi and Xi'an have once again stood on the new historical stage and have renewed their vitality in achieving catch-up and transcendence. During the 3rd Silk Road International Expo, a series of activities of the International Food Festival have been held to promote the Shaanxi cuisine culture, display the Shaanxi cuisine brand, and promote the development of Shaanxi cuisine through brand-building activities. In the next step, Shaanxi Province will continue to introduce more policies and measures to support the "go global" of Xi'an cuisine in order to attract more people to Xi'an, savor Xi'an cuisine, understand Xi'an culture, and write a new chapter in the Silk Road food culture.

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