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Shaanxi Food Map APP Officially Launched Internet + Provided New Opportunities for Shaanxi Cuisine to "Go Global"

Description:In the afternoon of May 12, the “Silk Road” Shaanxi Cuisine Development Seminar was held in Xi’an with the theme of “Style of Silk Road A Bite of Shaanxi”.

In the afternoon of May 12, the “Silk Road” Shaanxi Cuisine Development Seminar was held in Xi’an with the theme of “Style of Silk Road A Bite of Shaanxi”. Many experts and scholars jointly discussed the development opportunities and challenges of the Shaanxi restaurant industry, and officially launched the Shaanxi Food Map APP which offers ideas to create Xi'an a "International City of Food" .

At the "Silk Road" Shaanxi Cuisine Development Seminar, the participating guests jointly launched the Shaanxi Food Map APP

The diet is a manifestation of history and culture. The history of Shaanxi cuisine has a long history and is the oldest dish in China. Shaanxi cuisine has also been praised by gastronomes as "Treasure of Shaanxi and Essence of China," and occupies an extremely important position in the history of Chinese cooking. In recent years, the Shaanxi government has attached great importance to the development of Shaanxi cuisine and issued the Action Plan for Promoting the Brand Construction of Shaanxi Cuisine. During the process of “go global” of Shaanxi cuisine, the industry standards have been strengthened, publicity efforts has been increased to assist Shaanxi cuisine to go out of Shaanxi to the country and the world.

The seminar was hosted by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce and Xi'an Municipal People's Government, organized by Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Xi'an Eurasia College, and Shaanxi Provincial Chamber of Catering Industry. It is an important measure for Shaanxi Province to implement the exchange and cooperation of countries along the “Belt and  Road” initiative, highlight the new images of Shaanxi and promote cultural prosperity and business development in Shaanxi. As an important event of the 3rd Silk Road International Expo, the seminar, based on the construction and promotion of the Shaanxi cuisine brand, the inheritance and innovation of the Shaanxi cuisine culture, focused on the development trend of the catering industry and directed the pain points in the catering industry to strengthen the integration of catering industry chain and boost the "go global" of Shaanxi specialty dishes.

It is understood that the Shaanxi Food Map is oriented by excellent catering companies and integrates functions such as positioning, navigation, food recommendation, shop recommendation, nearby cuisines, and merchant collections, includes Shaanxi specialty foods of all cities, counties (districts) in Shaanxi Province and strive to create the best user experience of “Quality Tour Shaanxi Best Brochure for High-quality Tour in Shaanxi, and Super Practice Guide of Shaanxi Cuisine”for the tourists and diners both inside and outside the province, or at home and abroad. Through the Internet platform, the Shaanxi Food Map App achieved the historical breakthrough of “Instant Knowledge of Shaanxi Cuisine with One Phone at Hand” for the first time and will completely end the status quo of “Shaanxi people do not know the exitance of Shaanxi cuisine”.

Li Yaguang, vice president of China Cuisine Association, advises on the development of Shaanxi cuisine

Li Yaguang, vice chairman of the China Cuisine Association, made three suggestions on how to "go global" of Shaanxi cuisine: Firstly, development of the food culture is a glorious duty for catering people to remember the mission. Secondly, focus on development, build brands, and create new achievements and new future of the catering industry; Thirdly, move toward a broader market and make Shaanxi cuisine contribute to stimulating consumer appreciation. He said that the development of the Internet economy era will provide new opportunities and challenges for Shaanxi cuisine to “go global”, and there will be many promising ways for Shaanxi cuisine to “go global”. (Mengfan Wang)

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