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"Worms from the Silk Road" Made a Stage Pose at the 3rd Silk Road International Expo to Decode the Evolution of Gilded Bronze Silkworm

Description:"Glided Bronze Silkworm" debuted at the 3rd Silk Road International Expo, and "Online Popular Silkworm" was praised again.

On May 11, at the International Cooperation Forum of the Silk Road Economic Belt held after the opening ceremony of the 3rd Silk Road International Expo, He Wei, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference put slowly the replica of "Glided Bronze Silkworm" on the logo of the 3rd Silk Road International Expo. "Glided Bronze Silkworm" debuted at the 3rd Silk Road International Expo, and "Online Popular Silkworm" was praised again.

Millennium gold silkworm witnesses the Silk Road stories

The Shaanxi Cultural Relics Pavilion of the 3rd Silk Road International Expo

In December 1984, Tan Fuquan, an peasant in Shiquan County, Ankang, discovered the "Gilded Bronze Silkworm" when panning in the river sand. The silkworm has a length of 5.6 cm, a circumference of 1.9 cm and a pupa of 1.8 cm. There was 9 abdominal segments at the the head and the tail of the Gilded Bronze Silkworm that was raising its head and spinning, with a vivid posture. The experts identified it as the Gilded Bronze Silkworm of the Han Dynasty.

Since its unearthing, the Gilded Bronze Silkworm, as an important representative of Chang'an Silk Road cultural relics, went to Japan twice in 1992 and 1999 to participate in the Capital of Silk Road - Chang'an Treasure and The Silk Road's Glory - The exhibition of Chinese Brilliant Treasure attracted the attention of foreign audiences.

On May 14, 2017, President Xi Jinping mentioned in the keynote speech of the “Belt and Road” Summit Forum that “The ancient Silk Road opened a new window of friendly exchanges among countries and wrote a new chapter in human development and progress. The millennial "Gilded Bronze Silkworm" collected by the Shaanxi History Museum in China and the millennium sunken ship 'Black Rock' found in Indonesia witnessed this history."

As a peace ambassador, the magical silkworm witnessed the development of the Silk Road and the fusion of East and West. Millennium Gilded Bronze Silkworm is a witness to the history of the ancient Silk Road and a symbol of the role of the Silk Road in economic and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

The discovery of Gilded Bronze Silkworm shows that the silkworm breeding in southern Shaanxi have formed a considerable scale. According to the records of Shiquan County Annals, the ancient silkworm breeding industry in Shiquan County of Ankang was very prosperous, providing an endless supply of silk for the Silk Road. The silk fabrics of the Western Han Dynasty not only sold well in China, but also went overseas along the “Belt and Road”, and even to West Asia and Europe and were loved by countries along the Silk Road. It can be said that the unearthing of Giled Bronze Silkworm embodies the development of the silkworm breeding industry and the Silk Road trade in the Han Dynasty.

"Online Popular Silkworm" is a concern Creation + culture transmits the Silk Road stories

In the “Shaanxi Cultural Relics Pavilion” of No. 1 Hall of Greenland Pico International Convention & Exhibition Center, a branch meeting place of the 3rd Silk Road International Expo, the Ministry of Culture and Industry of the Shaanxi History Museum specially exhibited the cultural and creative peripheral products of Gilded Bronze Silkworm, including brooch and incense sticks, bookmarks, necklaces and other common products with practicality and cultural connotation, attracting the public to stay.

Cultural and Creative Products Silkworm Brooch of Shaanxi History Museum

Huang Fang, a member of the Ministry of Culture and Industry of the Shaanxi History Museum, introduced that Shaanxi History Museum, as as a cultural and creative product development pilot unit of the national museums, developed the “Golden Bronze Silkworm" series cultural and creative products, covering daily necessities, decorative jewelry, food and other types through obtaining inspiration from the “Gilded Bronze Silkworm” and the characteristics of historical culture and collections in Shaanxi. Shaanxi History Museum makes full use of its resources and platforms to make cultural and creative products an effective means of disseminating culture, so that ordinary people can take "cultural relics" home.

At the 3rd Silk Road International Expo , the “2018 Gilded Bronze Silkworm and Open Development Forum” was also held to further explore the historical and cultural values of “Gilded Bronze Silkworm” and deepen the construction of the “Silk Road Economic Belt”and explore new development opportunities of Ankang City.

Peripheral Cultural and Creative Products of Gilded Bronze Silkworm in Shaanxi History Museum

Shiquan County of Ankang City, also known as the "Hometown of Gold Silkworms," has been an important silkworm breeding place in the northwest since ancient times. Nowadays, Shiquan County in Ankang City is also vigorously developing the silkworm breeding industry which has become an important promoter of poverty alleviation. The silkworm breeding industry has the characteristics of “short, flat, and fast”. The breeding technology is easy to popularize and can be widely popularized among farmers. Nowadays, the silkworm breeding industry in Ankang has a relatively complete system, forming an integrated pattern of production, supply, sales, industry, agriculture, and trade, showing good economic and ecological benefits. Today, Ankang firmly grasps the historical opportunities of the “Belt and Road” initiative and builds a brand of “Hometown of Gold Silkworms and Source of Silk Road”. It will continue to grow and strengthen the silkworm breeding industry, and integrates local selenium resources and ecological resources to promote a brand new image of Ankang.

The Silk Road International Expo has become an important carrier for exchanges, cooperation, sharing, win-win and sister cities along the “Belt and Road.” The emergence of Gilded Bronze Silkworm, as a “Ambassador of the Silk Road ” also symbolizes that this event will be adhering to the theme of“New Era, New Silk Road, New Opportunity"  and will build bridges for the "Belt and Road" cooperation. (Siyao Wang,  Qian Yang)

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