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Visit Baoji and You will Know China Baoji Development Conference Presents A New Baoji

Description:In the eastof the world there is a rooster, and in the west of China, there is Baqoji – onApril 3, Baoji Development Conference, themed by "New Era, New Dreams, NewBaoji".

 China Vtion (Ma Aiping) In the eastof the world there is a rooster, and in the west of China, there is Baqoji – onApril 3, Baoji Development Conference, themed by "New Era, New Dreams, NewBaoji", sponsored by Baoji Municipal Committee and Municipal Government,and organized by the CPPCC Baoji Municipal Committee, officially kicked off. Itis reported that as of the conclusion of the conference on April 4, thesponsors will hold three theme conferences, namely the Special Meeting on theDevelopment of Cultural Tourism Industry,Special Meeting on the Development ofHigh-end Equipment and Intelligent Manufacturing, and Promotion Conference onKey Projects in Baoji City, carry out the project investigation on the historyand culture of Baoji and Panlong New Area, and visit Yan Emperor Memorial Halland investigate the Weihe River Ecological Management Project. 


 Baoji, located at the western end of vast Qinchuan, commonly knownas the West-fu, also known as Chencang, is the place where the tale of theallusion - pretend to prepare to advance along one path while secretly goingalong another, occurred. It is the hometown of Yan Emperor, birthplace of theZhou and Qin dynasties and the place of origin of Chinese civilization. 


 The reporter learned from theBaoji Development Conference that, Meng Man and Mr. Wei Xin, lecturers of Lecture Room on CCTV and nationallyrenowned cultural scholars, will attend the conference and deliver a keynotespeech after gracious invitation. On April 3, Meng Man will delivered a speech,titled with the Integrated Development ofRegional Culture and Tourism, on how Baoji makes the best use of abundanthistorical and cultural resources to promote the deep integration of culture and tourism, so as to boost thedevelopment of the tourism, society and economy of Baoji with culture. Mr. WeiXin, a well-known writer and scholar will interpret how to further meet theneeds of contemporary tourists for cultural consumption and how to make culturea new improver of the development of the tourism industry in Baoji in a new erawith his unique insights into the development and connotation of historicalculture. His speech will be entitled FunCultural Tour in Baoji


 In the evening of April 3, Awonderful special evening party - "Visit Baoji and You will KnowChina", will be held during the period of Baoji Development Conference. Bythen, Baoji will guide viewer to enjoy a time-travel and search the memory ofBaoji, demonstrate the charm and leaping development of by using sound andlight technology, etc. 


 During the conference, contracts for 90 projects with a totalinvestment of RMB 63.28 billion will be signed, covering energy and chemicals,equipment manufacturing, high and new technology, energy conservation andenvironmental protection, logistics and trade, culture, and tourism, etc. 

  It is reported that more than 1,000 officialsand guests, including successful people from Shaanxi Province, centralauthorities, home and abroad, who are natives of Baoji or have worked orstudied in Baoji, experts and scholars, some national envoys,  Party and government officials from GuantianEconomic Zone and sister cities of Baoji City, etc., will attended theconference. 

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