Chen Jun, Shangluo Municipal Party Committee Secretary:

Not only "Gold Hill and Silver Hill" but also "Clear River and Green Mountain"




" In one hour’s way through the Qinling Mountains, in one hour’s way to touch the sky, in one hour’s way for the a beauty view, in one hour’s way to have the better spirit." Recently, Chen Jun, Municipal Party Committee Secretary and Director of Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee of Shangluo, explained the internal connection and external differences between Shangluo and Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, with "four ones" when receiving an interview in the main network studio of China Network in Beijing.


Towering Qinling Mountains divide the whole country into north and south, and Shangluo and Xi'an are located on both sides of the Qinling Mountains. In recent years, with the gradual improvement of traffic conditions between the two cities, Shangluo has entered the "Xi'an one hour economic circle." In the background of the times of "pursuing and surpassing", this once blocked "city within the Qinling Mountains" is emerging as a city of happiness with beautiful landscape around.



秦岭之南 建一座山青水绿的西安“后花园”

South of the Qinling Mountains Build a "back garden" of Xi'an with green mountains and clear rivers


"In the southern slope of the Qinling Mountains, there is a place called Shangluo, where the clouds are as white as cotton piles, under the white clouds someone is singing folk songs..." Fresh and sweet songs are floating around the Qinba Mountains, sketching out a painting like city of landscape.


Magical nature gave birth to the complex peculiar terrain and landform of Shangluo, so that it is known as "eight mountains, one river and one piece of land", which also formed its extremely rich natural tourism resources, for which it also enjoys the praise of that "the most beautiful scenery of the Qinling Mountains is in Shangluo".


At 2016, in the air quality ranking of all the cities in Shaanxi, Shangluo ranked first in the province with an outstanding achievement of 310 days of good days. "Shangluo blue" once took up the circle of friends.


As early as September 2013, President Xi Jinping has pointed out on the issue of environmental protection that: "We want not only clear river and green mountain but also gold hill and silver hill. We prefer clear river and green mountain rather than gold hill and silver hill, and clear river and green mountain are actually gold hill and silver hill."


On May 7, 2017, Lou Qinjian, Provincial Party Committee Secretary of Shaanxi Province, proposed to build Shangluo as the "back garden" of Xi'an with beautiful landscape in the report of the 13th Congress of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee.


Green mountains, clear rivers, and ecological beauty are not only the premise of development but also the bottom line and principle to which must be adhered. As to Shangluo, the water source reserve of middle line of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, this point is even more important, and it has always been practicing this mission of green development.


At present, the forest coverage rate of Shangluo reaches 67%, enjoying the reputation of "Qinling Pharmacy". Luonan County and Shangnan County have become national green model counties. The experience of "Director of River System" for watershed management has been promoted in the province, ensuring "clear water of a river supplying Beijing and Tianjin". The Golden Gorge in Shangnan County has become the first 5A-level scenic spot in southern Shaanxi, and 45 tourist attractions are open to the tourists, of which 26 tourist attractions are above the 3A-level. Shangluo Qinling Ecological Tourism Festival and Cycling Race around Qinling have risen as the national level festival and race. Shangluo has successfully ascended among "China's Top 100 Tourism Cities".



从被动选择到自觉行动 在“山水”二字上下功夫

From passive choice to conscious action Work on the word of "landscape"


The Qinling Mountains are China's most important geographical north-south line. Located in the south of the Qinling Mountains, Shangluo is rich in mineral resources. The reserves of molybdenum ore and gold ore are in the forefront of the country, and those of vanadium ore and iron ore are also very rich. However, as the water source reserve of middle line of the national South-to-North Water Diversion Project, Shangluo shoulders the task of ensuring "clear water of a river supplying Beijing and Tianjin". Chen Jun said, "In terms of water security, we will guarantee it as a major political task."


It was a passive choice that when guarding the gold hill and silver hill with amazing reserves, Shangluo had to find another way in the aspect of landscape, which had Shangluo taste the sweetness and was changed into a conscious action. Chen Jun said that after several years of exploration and practice, we indeed realized that the relationship between the clear river and green mountain and gold hill and silver hill is a kind of relationship that can promote each other and complement each other, rather than constraint each other. "We have found an effective way to promote the rapid economic development under the premise of protecting the ecology."


What is this way? Chen Jun told reporters that it is industrial green development, urban landscape development, and pastoral landscape development, which can not only develop the industries but also keep the clear rivers and green mountains.


Chen Jun introduced that, especially in the aspect of industrial green development, one is the green transformation of traditional industries, that is to strengthen environmental protection measures to reduce emissions of pollutants or even to realize zero emissions; the other is the encouragement of the development of new industries, for example, developing green food processing industry and Chinese medicine industry by making use of the forest resources in Shangluo. Facts have proved that the growth rate of these new industries reaches more than 30% each year and they gradually become the pillar industries of Shangluo. At the same time, we introduce intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment production, information industry and other industrial forms to support the integration of the development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. "Following this idea, Shangluo's economy has not been greatly affected due to the high pressure of environmental protection. In fact, Shangluo has ranked first in Shaanxi Province in the aspect of the growth of industrial added value for five consecutive years." said Chen Jun.


Mushrooms and edible fungus of the Qinling Mountains have been served on the table, and the walnut dew and spring water have appeared in the refrigerator... The ecological agricultural and sideline products of the Qinling Mountains are gradually going out of the mountains, and Shangluo eight pieces have had a minor celebrity on the e-commerce platform.



打赢“五大攻坚战” 让困难群众一个都不掉队

Win the "five big battles" No one person in straitened circumstances left behind


At the beginning of 2015, when General Secretary Xi Jinping carried out the inspection in Shaanxi, he tailored the development orientation of "pursuing and surpassing" for Shaanxi and put forward the work requirements of "five solid points", which has become an important basis for the development of Shaanxi for a long period of time in the future.


So, in this context, how should Shangluo develop? "By carefully combing the developmental advantages and short boards of Shangluo and combining with the new development concept, we extracted five key tasks, named 'five big battles', which can not only give full play to the developmental advantages but also complement the shortcomings", Chen Jun told reporters.


"Five big battles" are respectively the out of poverty battle, the modern industry battle, the featured agriculture battle, the all-region tourism battle and the new urbanization battle.


Located in the hinterland of the Qinling Mountains, with huge mountains and deep ditches, Shangluo is the national concentrated contiguous poverty-stricken area, and all the seven districts and counties of the city are state-level poverty counties, so the "out of poverty battle" has become the principal task of the "five big battles", that is we should first be out of poverty and then create wealth.

据商洛市扶贫开发局局长罗存成介绍,2016年,全市20.41万贫困人口实现脱贫,163个贫困村如期退出。截至目前,全市仍有548个贫困村29.68万人处在贫困线以下,今年计划脱贫332个贫困村16.98万人。“脱贫工作越往后,就越是难啃的‘硬骨头’。” 罗存成说,再难啃的骨头,也得把它啃下来,彻底拔掉商洛的“穷根”。

According to the introduction of Luo Cuncheng, Director of the Poverty Alleviation and Development Bureau of Shangluo, in 2016, 204,100 poor people were out of poverty and 163 poor villages withdrew poverty as scheduled. Up to now, the city still has 548 poor villages and 296,800 people below the poverty line, and the plan of this year is to realize that 332 poor villages and 169,800 poor people are out of poverty. "The further the poverty alleviation work goes on, the more difficult the biting of the 'hard bone' is", said Luo Cuncheng, but no matter how difficult the biting of the hard bone is, we have to bite it down so as to completely unplug Shangluo's "poor root".


In regard to this, Chen Jun is full of confidence: "When we win these five battles, Shangluo will be qualified to enter the well-being society simultaneously with the country. In the next five years, the output value may be more than 130 billion, and the total fiscal revenue can crack through the 10 billion mark. What is more important is that urban and rural residents can enjoy a well-being life, and no one person in straitened circumstances will be left behind.




"Five visiting cards" create the "Shangluo model" for the development of mountainous cities


More mountainous land, less arable land, infertile soil, poor site conditions... The development of agricultural industry in Shangluo is limited by a lot of restrictions, but it is because of this situation that the mountain forest economy has developed by leaps and bounds, and Shangluo is therefore called "hometown of walnut" and " hometown of chestnut". "Shangluo walnut" has a relatively high visibility and influence in the province and even the whole country. Chinese herbal medicine, understory economy and forest tourism have become the city's new economic growth points.


Undeniably, compared with the whole Shaanxi province, Shangluo belongs to the "backward students", which is congenitally deficient. However, when looking at the development in recent years, we found that Shangluo has made the fastest progress. For example, in 2016, Shangluo completed the output value of 69.93 billion yuan, an increase of 10%, with the growth rate ranking the forefront in the province; urban residents income and rural residents income respectively reached 25,468 yuan and 8,358 yuan, an increase of 8.3% and 8.5%, with the growth rate respectively ranking the first and second in the province.


In recent years, Shangluo City has successively been awarded or named as "The First Batch of National Demonstration Base of Comprehensive Utilization of Tailings Resources", "The First Batch of National Demonstration City of Circular Economy", "Pilot City of National Ecological Civilization Demonstration Project" and "National Agricultural Product Quality Safety City". Chen Jun said that these are the four trump cards currently held by Shangluo, which also shows the good results achieved by Shangluo in the green development and cyclic development.


Chen Jun told reporters, in addition to these four trump cards, currently, Shangluo is actively striving for "National All-region Tourism Demonstration City", that is, forming the pattern of "four plus one". "Work hard to build these 'five visiting cards' well and continue to become bigger and stronger, and then such a green cycle development system will be able to keep on", said Chen Jun.


As a typical mountainous city, if playing these five cards well, Shangluo will undoubtedly provide a "Shangluo model" that is referential for the development of mountain areas.

构建全域旅游格局 把商洛建成一个“大公园”

Form the all-region tourism pattern Build Shangluo as a "big park"


Nowadays, for Shangluo, the “one” in the pattern of “four plus one” is particularly important, which can be seen from its propaganda that “the most beautiful scenery of the Qinling Mountains is in Shangluo”.


“Our entire city is a proper tourist destination.” Chen Jun said that the tourism industry is not only the industry having the largest development advantage in Shangluo but also the best choice to change the clear river and green mountain into gold hill and silver hill.


According to Wang Hao, Director of Shangluo Tourism Administration, the tourism resources of Shangluo is rich and in concentrated distribution. At present, there is 1 national nature reserve, 4 provincial nature reserves, 4 national forest parks, 5 provincial forest parks, 1 national 4A-level tourist attractions, 2 3A-level tourist attractions, 1 national geological park, 1 national water scenic spot, and 2 provincial scenic areas.


Chen Jun expressed that, in accordance with the development model of 'boutique area + Qinling characteristic town + beautiful village’ and around the overall goal of creating “National Tourism and Leisure Resort Concentrated Area and All-region Tourism Demonstration City”, Shangluo will focus on creating quality tourism, all-region tourism, dynamic tourism, wisdom tourism, brand tourism, and so on. By 2020, Shangluo will strive to build 2 5A-level scenic spots and 10 4A-level scenic spots, to double the total number of high A-level scenic areas, and to realize the full coverage of wireless WiFi, intelligent tour guides, online booking, information push, advisory services in 3A-level and above scenic areas.


At the same time, we should make a breakthrough in the construction of tourist resorts. With the four scenic spots of Manchuanguan, Niubeiliang, Golden Gorge and Muwang Mountain as the core, absorbing and integrating the surrounding scenic spots, characteristic small towns and related industries elements, we will vigorously promote the construction of tourist resorts. In addition, we will also strive to achieve urban landscape development, that is, the town will be the same as the scenic area, which is convenient to both visit and live; to achieve pastoral landscape development, so that the whole earth of Shangluo will look like a big park. “In this way, clear river and green mountain will become gold hill and silver hill, which will not only hold the nostalgia but also win the development of the future”, said Chen Jun.


Chen Jun told reporters that with the completion of the Xi'an-Wuhan and Xi’an-Chongqing high-speed rails in the future; Shangluo will be integrated into the Xi’an “half an hour economic circle”, becoming a veritable important node connecting The “Belt and Road” and Yangtze River Economic Zone.

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