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China road China channel on March 2015 on-line, domain name:

Chinese Internet Information Center, referred to as China net. Managed by the State Council Information Office and China foreign language publishing and distribution bureau. It's a national important news website.

Since 2000, has been achieved in the use of Chinese, English, French, West, Germany, Japan, Russia, Korea, South Korea, Esperanto 10 language and 11 text version release information.Visitors throughout the world more than and 200 countries and regions.

China net response "The Belt and Road" national strategy, to build the China road China channel, starting with the Silk Road Economic Zone in Shaanxi province as a starting point.To Chinese and world spread the voice of "The Belt and Road "along the provinces and regions.

The topic covers politics, economy and thought, history, culture and other fields, and strive to maximize the event of "The Belt and Road" to explain and analysis the unique and in-depth, to become a window of "The Belt and Road "along the provinces and regions of the international communication and information exchange, so as to promote the implementation and development of "The Belt and Road" strategy.